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Page 84 - 10 Years! The Story of The Cape Breton Summertime Review

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (175 reads)

boost. And sometimes we'll find songs that seem totally appropriate to the show. Like when we did Stan Rogers' tune last year, "Make and Break Harbour." We had all heard that material for a long time. But then there was such a focus on the fisheries, and you couldn't really be funny about it. And it was Steve MacDonald that said, "Why don't we listen to 'Make and Break Har? bour' again." And we listened to it once, and we just totally hooked. In some ways, that was a big part of the feel of the show (last year. 1994). It even influenced the set, when we did sort of the wharf look. Although we didn't have any comedy that was specifically related to fishing--unless there were little bits and pieces in the news--the show just-- that Maritime feel--the wharf became the symbol for the Maritime feel, which sort of came from the feel of the song, and the lament for losing things that were so strong in the past, and the troubles that losing those things would bring. Find f'iAflAgY' Out ... inCOeCO BIAXIAU THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN HIGH SECURITY NOW EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE FROM DR. LOCK 473 Townsend St. (behind the Provincial eidg.) Sydney 24-HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE: 562-4556 OWNED & OPERATED BY FREEMAN A. DRYDEN, B.A. B.Ed. And some? times we'll find a song that doesn't seem to fit any? where . Maybe it's written by Duncan Wells. And maybe it's a love song. And maybe there isn't a scene a- bout love. But, if we find a song that is so strong that we feel right that it should be in there, then we just have to make a place for it. We did that with "When Angels Let Their Hair Down," a few years back. Stephen MacDonald: But the thing grew. So that first show was very different, just to be different. Had a new title: Cape Breton Summertime Revue. But when I look now--I mean, this is ten years later--I've got the rough videotapes. I just happened Maynard, Max, and Bette We're really into parks and recreation. Every year, more and more people in Nova Scotia are turning to our forests for sport and recreational enjoyment. Through inultiple land-use planning activities and forestry operations, a system of access roads and woodland pathways make it easy for Nova Scotians to experience our natural beauty first hand. From hiking, biking, and skiing trails, to hunting and fishing areas, our forest manage? ment practices promote a healthy environment and create a forest legacy for future generations to use and enjoy. STORA Stora... creating a Nova Scotia forest legacy. Stora Forest Industries Ltd. P.O. Box 59, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada BOE 2V0 Tel. (902) 625-2460
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