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Page 88 - 10 Years! The Story of The Cape Breton Summertime Review

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1 (166 reads)

Ontario was the obvious--the closest and the largest market, both in just sheer pop? ulation and in concentration of Maritimers and Gape Bretoners. We knew we had to, and wanted to, and should play--towns that you know and have heard about for years. (Was this a sound business decision?) Oh, we were doing fine right here. Financial? ly, we would have been much better to stay put. The travel, the plane fares, the ho? tels, the vans, transportation, etc.--oh, it's just horrendous. The theatre rent. Everywhere, right through, the costs are much, much higher. The impetus to go was just to--let's create some excitement. Let's have a rea? son to put some more energy into the show. A new audience. (What did theatres think...?) The National Arts Centre gave us a guarantee. And actu? ally, so did Hamilton, because there was a festival there--these people didn't have I any idea who we are. But other than that--when we went in to Markham and Brampton and Brantford and Kingston, and etcetera, we rented the theatre. We put the ads in the newspaper our? selves, paid all our own bills, put the show on. And suddenly the Cape Bretoners and Maritimers started coming The Goose Cove Pottery & Gift Shop is located on the Cabot Trail off Highway #105 on Exit 11 Open 7 days a week ??9 5 p.m. SHOP: open till Labour Day STUDIO: open by chance or appointment Visitors are welcome to browse at the pottery studio located on site The Goose Cove POTTERY & GIFT SHOP Carole Ann MacDonald Potter R. KM (St. Ann's) Baddeck, Nova Scotia BOE IBO (902) 929-2293 "' CfiapeC QalCenj of 'im Art -paintings f stainedgCass f fezoeCCery Sun Mon Tue Wed & Sat : 10-5 Thursday & Friday : 10 - 8 Jersey Cove • Cape'Breton Istamf Visit the Book Room New & Used Books 929-2324 St. Ann's Motel A GLORIOUS SPOT to have as a base while you make your way around the Cabot Trail. Units with bath/shower and television en? sure that your stay is as complete as the exquisite view from your bedroom. The Marinellis have been running their charming motel for many years. Marie is often behind the counter next door, dishing up her homemade cooking, or just making up a great ice cream cone! RR 4, BADDECK, NS BOE IBO • (902) 295-2876 (off season 736-8908) out of the woodwork. And all these thea? tres suddenly saw a whole group of people that they didn't see before. Brantford: beautiful theatre, the Sanderson Centre. They had no idea. They knew we were paying the rent. And they made sure they got their deposit. And then when they started getting phone calls, and people driving from St. Catharines and London-- 100- and 200-mile drives--to get to Brant? ford, which is really a small town in the middle of farm country. And we drew in a thousand people to Brantford, from Kitchen? er, Waterloo. Even people from Toronto be? cause (we) sold out in Markham and Bramp? ton- -they were driving down to Brantford. Our first Ontario appearance was the Na? tional Arts Centre, Ottawa. And it was probably the most thrilling. Partly be? cause it was a huge reaction, and partly because it was our first and the nervous? ness was there--How're we going to do? But after the first number that year, the opening fiddle number, and the way the au? dience erupted--it was scary! It was won? derful, really. And it was smooth sailing from that point on. We packed it everywhere. In Ottawa people couldn't get in. Out of the eight shows, six were sold out completely. It was like Old Home Week every night. We had somebody on the road there to look after our mer? chandising. We sell T-shirts and sweat? shirts and tapes and odds and ends. And I had to help that person out every night. I was selling right up front, from the mo? ment they walked through those doors, through intermission, on the way out. And got to meet a tremendous number of the people that were there. And it was all, "Aren't you So-and-so's brother?" And "I'm from Glace Bay." You know, people just wanted to hear something about home. They wanted to know if you knew anybody they knew. They wanted to send messages back. See Extraordinary St. Ann's Bay. S'IL??2'- HAMMOCKS • DUSTERS • MATTS • MONKEY FISTS Use indoor, outdoor, inshore, offshore Fashioned for strength & durability Traditional knotting & splicing INDIAN BROOK * CAPE BRETON ISLAND • (902) 929-2432 'Great' Gift Ideas! Lovely Shops and Views on St. Ann's Bay
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