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> Issue 69 > Page 26 - Voyage from Boularderie to Waipu

Page 26 - Voyage from Boularderie to Waipu

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1 (271 reads)

his more lowly companions, and here again you imagine you see a beautiful headland, stretching out far into the sea dotted here and there with large shady trees. Farewell the dreary scene. It was calm all day, and the sails flapping idly against the mast, ri3th dav OUt' '' '' ?''y sound to be heard, excepting the The dawn broke forth sublimely and the sun rose in all its ri4th day Oui splendour. The breeze continued very light all Jan. 9,1858 Uan. 8,1858 Oi universal chat of the passengers, we built the starboard fireplace up again, better than it was originally. One of my brothers (Rord) accidentally scalded his arm and face. The first accident that happened since we went aboard. It was with astonishment we contemplated the change we had in so short a time undergone. 12 days before suffering from in? tense cold and the cutting wind sharp enough to cut our ears off, and again conveyed as if by magic into unbearable heat. As warm as a summers day in Nova Scotia. After dark a very light breeze sprung up but not strong enough to keep the sails fuU. Over the boundless space there was nothing to be seen, except a few black and threatening clouds which peered over the horizon. day, but it sprung up a littie about dark and running 5 miles pr hour laying S by W. We espied two ships but they did not come within hailing distance. We conjectured they were bound to Europe with copper ore from St. Jago. About 1 A.M. a stiff breeze sprung up from the N.E, The day 15th day out' ''' '"''' '''' ''' refreshing. A flying fish T 10 18'8 darted aboard of our ship when the wind be- jan. m, loso; g' 'q blow, and smashed his head against the main mast. He was about the size of a herring and greatly resembled the said fish, but only thicker in the back and belly. He has four large fins which serves him for wings, two larger ones near the head, and two smaller ones near the tail. Through the night the wind blew stiffer, and laid our course 16th day OUt' '''' tase, we were running between 8 and 9 T 111 8'8 knots pr hour. Iii the morning I observed Jan. 11, lo'o; j'gg schools of flying fish darting over (and) through the water like so many birds flying from their enemy at the report of his gun, now and then touching the waves, but at vintage j e w e R.Ril, Port Hood, N.$, B0E2W0 Breton Kitchen Witch She's Handmade, Unusual, Wearing Our Cape Breton Tartan, and Brings Lots of Good Luck! ALSO AVAILABLE: Phone 562- SYDNEY 1341 C Custom Needlework Pictures of Your Home or Cottage J (For all outdoor activities... BUG FREE SHIRTI No Repeilants No Chemicals Protects i Against: Deer Flys Black Flys Mosquitoes No-See-Ums Elastic at Waist & Wrists Zippered Hood RR 2, Mabou, NS BOE 1X0 100% Polyester (902) 945-2077 Washable See-thru Cool 'or'ew; Enterprise 0 Cape Breton Crafts -a- Plenty PRESENTS OUR Craft gftotp GREAT GIFTSA GREAT VARIETY ALL CAPE BRETONI CRAFTS at AVTC November! 17,18.19j *2tme IreasurecC Sculptures INDIVIDUALLY HANDSCULPTED FIGURINES The lifestyle of the 18th and 19th century are represented here. Each one is uniquely different.... 20 Dryden Ave. Sydney, NS B1P6G3 (902)567-2202 l Island Images Scenic Photographs and Paper Tole Paper Tole 4 Beautifully Framed Hummels Specializing in Birds Flowers Scenery WE WILL SHIP ANYWHERE • VISA RR 3 Site 16 Box 18, Howie Centre f We Carry | Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 6G5 ('Tole FramesJ 564-8282 You have just passed some of the finest craftspeople in Cape Breton. Take the time to go back through their displays. Meet Cape Breton Craftspeople face-to-face. 0
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