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> Issue 69 > Page 33 - Voyage from Boularderie to Waipu

Page 33 - Voyage from Boularderie to Waipu

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1 (259 reads)

ra. He was bled and dmgged but found no relief until about daylight the next day. In 3ie aftemoon we hauled down the thin sails and prepared for a blow, as anticipated about dark, the wind veered round to the west and blowing pretty stiff. Through the night it blew pretty stiff. We furled top gallant sails and flying jib. The sea did not mn very high here. About 2 A.M. the wind came round to South. The weather was very disagreeable 45th day out ,Feb.9,1858j and damp, which was very unwholesome after hot weather. About midnight the wind veered round to the S.E. which con- r46thdav out' tinned all day. Course S. by E. The day was F h 10 18'8 pleasant but our sailing was greatly marred rep. lU, lo'oj 'y ' heavy head sea which caused our ship to pitch headlong into the sea, every time dipping her bowsprit. About dark the breeze was stiffer, hard to close reef topsails, furled top gallant sails, fly {word illegible) staysails and gaff top sails. TTie sea ran very heavy. In the moming the wind came round to the North East, Course 47th dav out ' "' '' '''' mnning 6 knots pr hour. We set all rep. 11, lo'o; gQjjjg fg' Qf 'jjg Albatross through the day. It is a large bird white in the body but huge dark wings. In the moming a few of the Albatross was seen and also 2 other k species of birds but of what kind we could not determine. f48thdayouty [Feb. 12,1858J' In the forenoon all around the ship the sea as far as the eye could distinguish, was spotted all over with something resem? bling blood and mixed in it were seen a great number of fish scales of various colours. m STANLEY Steel Doors - We stock 4 widths of Steel Doors - JO", 32", 34", 36". - We stock over 25 different window inserts - Including many brass leaded window kits. - We will install any window Insert in any steel door while you wait. DD "''Quaiit' Leaded Lite Kitsj I MilT''ill I ffiiflnm ifiii.
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