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Page 57 - Advert: Breton Books

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1 (235 reads)

FROM Breton Books & Music AND Cape Breton's MAGAZINE CREDIT CARD ORDERS PHONE TOLL-FREE 1-800-565-5140 ndustrial Cape Breton: 539-5140 Watchman Against the World The Remarkable Journey of Norman McLeod 6" his People from Scotland to Cape Breton Island to New Zealand by Flora McPherson CAPE BRETON QUARRY by Stewart Donovan A BOOK OF POETRY that gravitates between rural and urban Cape Breton Island, and the experience of working away. Stewart Donovan has written a relaxed, accessible set of poems of a man's growing up and his reflections on the near and distant past of his communities. A love? ly, lasting httle book. 72 pages ( VIDEO SPECIAL: BUY BOTH AND SAVE! ) "Buddy MacMaster The Master of the Cape Breton Fiddle " Travel with Buddy MacMaster as he plays the dances at Glen? coe Mills, Cape Breton, and teaches a workshop on the Isle of Skye. A loving profile of the man and his music. Cape Breton Island-Video THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VIDEO ABOUT CAPE BRETON ISLAND THAT HAS YET BEEN MADE! Fihnmaker Peter Murphy has blended the splendid scenery and the music, the light off the water and the music, a reading by Alistair MacLeod and • the music. Fiddlers, dancers, guitarists, pianists • 'Natalie Mac- Master, Ashley Maclsaac, Howie MacDo? nald, Brenda Stubbert, Gerry Romard, Tra- cey Dares, and many more. This is the video for people who love Cape Breton 50-minute VIDEO • $29.95 (SEE PAGE 36) (SEE PAGE 57) STERLING SILVER by Silver Donald Cameron FOR A QUARTER OF A CENTURY, SUver Donald has been writing memorably about everything that catches his eye • 'from saiUng and skiing to fear and suicide, from the unquenchable Volvo to individual freedom to the perils of love. Silver Donald delivers a unique blend of intelligence and gumption, compas? sion and good hu? mour. Now, Ster? ling Silver brings together the best of that writing: angry, hopeful, incisive, and amused • and never before in book form. 232 pages &mm; VIDEO SPECIAL! BUY BOTH VIDEOS AT ONCE FOR $49.95 60-mlnute VIDEO $29.95 SUBSCRIBE TO: 4-ISSUE SUBSCRIPTION in Canada I outside Canada $l9.00 I $24.00 (o: $27.00 Can. Currency) Cape oreton s MAGAZINE 1 WRECK COVE • CAPE BRETON • NOVA SCOTIA 1 BOC IHO Edited & Published 1 by Ronald Caplan with the help of 1 Bonnie Thompson 1 Belle Maclntyre • Paul Cranford [' AUGUST 1995 1 Send cheque, money order, or 1 credit card # and signature to: 1 CAPE BRETON'S 1 MAGAZINE 1 (Breton Books & IVIusic) 1 Wreck Cove 1 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 1 BOC IHO CREDIT CARD ORDERS ONLY: Phone 1-800-565-5140 (industrial Cape Breton, phone 539-5140) FAX (902) 539-9117 ORDER FORI 1 BOOKS PRICE QTY. 1 Watchman Against the World... $12.95 j VIDEOS 1 Cape Breton Island: The Video.. $29.95 J Buddy MacMaster Video $29.95 1 SPECIAL: both videos at once... $49.95 i SUBSCRIPTIONS to 1 Cape Breton's MAGAZINE 1 4 issues outside Canada 1 or Can. Currency .. . $27.00 : TOTAL: 1 PLEASE ADD 7% G.S.T 1 NOVA SCOTIA RESIDENTS: j Please add 11 % P.S.T. on Videos 1 SUB-TOTAL: 1 SHIPPING 1 IN CANADA: Please add $3.50 for the first 2 items, 1 then add $1.00 for each additional item. |0UTSIDE CANADA: Add $3.50 for each Item • TPTAL:. /! TOTAL 1
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