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> Issue 69 > Page 60 - Advert: The Glace Bay Miners' Museum by Sheldon Currie

Page 60 - Advert: The Glace Bay Miners' Museum by Sheldon Currie

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1 (145 reads)

man made a fortune that night. He put his price up firom ten cents to fifteen cents to get in the tent and he had by then almost every? body in Reserve Mines standing there with money in their pock? ets, and they already got their money's worth in entertainment, Ian was more of a circus than the circus. Yes, he was always good with animals, I always knew that, but I didn't know he was good with people because his chance never came up until the strike. Yes. He was the one who knew what was good for the min? ers. And he was the one who got them organized. He surprised me and he surprised himself. When he got the men to go out on strike he could hardly believe it. I think what happened, what got him going, was when Neil agreed with him, said he was right af Take Route 22 Out of Sydney to ... PECK'S GROCERY STORE! & LAUNDROMAT i • Camping Supplies • Ice • Full Range of Grocery Items COTTAGES • OPEN YEAR ROUND* Overlooking the Ocean & 5 Minutes from the Fortress of Louisbourg RESERVATIONS: 733-2210 LOUISBOURG Covty • Deluxe, spacious, comfy guest rooms • Private baths with Jacuzzi tubs/showers • Views of the ocean or woods & stream • Cozy parlour with fireplace, plenty of reading material, game corner • and always a jigsaw puzzle in the making. RATES INCLUDE BREAKFAST SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT Dining Room for GUESTS and the PUBLIC Spend a getaway overnight or celebrate an anniversary or birthday. Come home to dinner by the fire, relax in a Jacuzzi, have a leisurely breakfast, and retum to the real world renewed. MasterCard / VISA / AmEx 17 Wolfe Street LOUISBOURG (902)733-2171 ter all about how the miners needed a decent union; it made him more sure of himself. For all he argued against Neil, he admired him and thought he was smart, so when Neil gave in it made Ian sure he was right and you could see after that when he talked to the men they were v'dth him. I think that's what Pe'y saw in him. He would do things he didn't want to do, he just made himself do them and that made her brave too to face her father and mother. They didn't even bother to warn her not to go out with him because of relig? ion, everybody knew that was the thing anyway, on both sides, they just told her he was a troublemaker, which of course he was, he certainly made trouble for the company, he got all the men out. It wasn't the president of the union that did it, it was Ian. NeU was amazed with what he was doing. I was too. fro/n CHAPTER SIX • THE PICNIC • FOR A WHILE everything vdth Ian and NeU was the strike and then one day everything wasn't the strike and Ian got up and started packing a picnic basket and I knew right away the way he was doing it it wasn't for the strike at all. It was a good clear cold the World of Louisbourg MulUns SheU .o;?S>:'Cane & Conveiiience | Tires & Batteries Accessories Camping/Fishing Supplies Hardware :A| Groceries Subs Sandwiciies Burgers Wat-a-Pizza % Balced Goods (Fresh Daily) Post Office Outlet Lottery Tickets ??;!; Summer Hours: 7 Days a Week • 6:30 AM to 10 PM % ALBERT BRIDGE !' Louisbourg Hwy, Route 22 • 562-1070 '% Louisbourg Pharmacy • A Local Pharmacy Serving Your Needs • Providing complete drug store needs, including: Prescription Service 4'""'% Health & Beauty Aids Greeting Cards r "1 First Aid Supplies Baby Supplies V V & Sundries Mon to Wed: 9 AM to 6 PM f Saturday: Thur & Fri: 9 AM to 8 PM L J 9 AM to 5 PM 1360 Mam Street • Louisbourg 733-2160 'On Saturday, prescriptions' filled up to 1 p.m. ONLY J Sanjiv Maindiratta, pharmacist From the Old Town ...
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