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Page 19 - John Hart of Port Hood - a Scrapbook

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/12/1 (380 reads)

and take a grocery order. This day he went in there and John Hart was asleep on the counter. So he got up on the other counter. He let believe he was asleep too. Made some noise or something to wake John up. John woke and here's this other fellow a- sleep on the other counter. Lew Hart: He was a great believer in forerunners, ghost stories • he believed in all these omens. Like his mother was, I don't know, 91, 92, 93 when she died • and she lived downtown in the old house alone. And Dan Collie and his brother bought my fa? ther's store • right in front of my grandmother's house. He had built another store about a mile and a quarter out of town. This day we were in my father's store • a bunch of us in there • this little bird came to the window. My father saw it and he said, "Somebody died." And of course we all laughed at him. He said again, "Some? body died." Well, it wasn't 10 minutes later Dan Collie drove out and told my father that his mother had died. Lee Hart; And he started to build some sort of culverts • but the engineer came and stopped them. The engineer said he had to do it his way. "You know, the culverts were made of wood and my fa? ther had some kind of way to keep them from freezing, blocking up. He'd go back so many feet and he'd make a dam. That would slow the water pres? sure up. The water would be running steadily then--and it wouldn't freeze and it wouldn't flood. Otherwise, there would be no water and then the water would come and go over the road and freeze. But he and the engineer didn't agree on that, I guess. He used to lie down on the couch and M '/M ''' i/z'o/'iAJ 'a.}' Sa'd<' /3oY/e y'H'i'e • think and think. They used to call him The Schemer. He invented an oil suit and you could go down and stay under water for a time • had a tube to a balloon full of air or oxygen. I remember the suit. It was kicking around here. And he invented a plane • that if you were hit by a bomb you'd eject out of the plane and parachute down. And now they have it. Newly Renovated Grill at Sydney RiverI Town and Country RESTAURANT Red dnd White FOOD STORES Baddeck Port Hawkesbury Sydney River & Glace Bay Port Hawkesbury CO-OP Building Supplies and Harbour Homes • your bast Cape Breton Source of PRE-ASSEMBLED HOMES and COHAGES • Complete stocks of lumber, building supplies. Plumbing, Heating and Electcical materials. W? c??t?r to th? building public 'Cn.'DXCO-OP BUILDING SUPPIIES '' '' '' ' 1 Kings Road, Sydney ' 539-6410 Station St*, Fort HsMkesbary 625-2600 OpMrafad by JMarMm* Co opwaHv SwvkM INL
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