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> Issue 69 > Page 65 - Hilda Mleczko of Glace Bay: Keeping Love's Record Alive

Page 65 - Hilda Mleczko of Glace Bay: Keeping Love's Record Alive

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1 (194 reads)

AUGUST 20,1991 I took Henry some cooked wax beans that I picked out of our garden, he really enjoyed them. He was more re? laxed today and not so gloomy. Dr. Irvine has given him some medication to stop the itching of the tiny blood blisters under his skin. They took a small sample from his finger and his count is dropping. AUGUST 21,1991 Henry is not too bad but no further news about the small operation on his shoulder, which will be per? formed in Sydney. His count is drop? ping rapidly and he feels weak and dizzy and can only walk a few fal? tering steps. He looks awful--not i bit like the Henry I knew. AUGUST 22,1991 Henry is weaker, it is very difficult for him to walk even one or two steps. They took a blood sample from his arm. AUGUST 23,1991 Doctor Tompkins was in to see Henry and he told him they would be putting the tap in his shoulder next Monday (the 26th). That's three days away--why do they wait? Poor, dear Henry, the torment goes on--every day the same, only he is getting worse. AUGUST 24,1991 Henry is weaker but more cheerful, knowing he will be going for his operation next Monday. AUGUST 25,1991 Chest pains very bad and he can't lie down to be able to breathe, he has to sit propped up. Now they tell him the doctor has to make an appointment with the specialist in Syd? ney, so Henry won't be going there tomor? row. Why the wait? I don't understand. If Henry was in an accident and was scraped off the sidewalk, he wouldn't have to make an appointment to be helped. Surely this ill? ness of Henry's is severe enough to merit instant attention. Dr. Brennan gave Henry a special suspension drug for his ulcer and chest pains--quite effective--it freezes the pain but he can only take half doses, for it is very strong. AUGUST 26,1991 Saw Dr. Brennan in the corridor as I was asking at the nurses' desk when Henry would be going to Sydney. When I spoke to him also, he said he would do what he could to hurry it up. I asked if Henry would be comfortable afterwards and he an? swered, "Oh yes, he'll feel like a million dollars." Then, when I asked. "For how long?" thinking it would be for weeks or months or indefinitely, he replied, "Pos? sibly for 24 hours, or 48--no more." And then what, I enquired. He replied, "Henry will be back to the way he is now." I nev? er knew--never realized--that his last ef? fort on Henry's behalf would be only tem? porary. What was the use of that? I told Dr. Brennan it's only a waste of time and only going to keep Henry alive awhile, to suffer a bit longer. AUGUST 27,1991 When I went to see Henry today he was sit? ting in a big lounge chair, covered with University College of Cape Breton Results.. wt JPL nary m, Mm' 'wU''m I''''H'''''''' in meeting the educational, cultural and ecopdmic c'''pment neea' of its ''''''- ' students and communities.
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