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Page 71 - George Leonard & the Fish Business

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1 (236 reads)

Thompson Sutherland's went. There were several big fires. But anyway, that's what happened there. Then I was transferred to Lunenburg in March of 1960. I was there for two years and I was in charge of the cooked-fish op? eration. Which we used to produce 60% of the fish sticks and fish-and-chips that were eaten in Canada. And I also had the Maritime sales--fresh-fish sales. Looked after that. That was two years. And then the decision came down to rebuild the plant in North Sydney. The plant proper? ty had been sold to Marine Atlantic--which is where part of their set-up is now. The big machine shop is on our former plant land.... Anyway, then I came back here in 1962. And we had bought Harvey and Company's ware? house, who were traders with the province of Newfoundland at one time. Particularly before Newfoundland became a province, when it was a separate country. A Newfoundland outfit. And they had the old Moulton Wharf, which is the first wharf in North Sydney as you drive downtown. They closed it up, and we bought the wharf and the warehouse, and we eventually made a fish plant out of it, and enlarged it, and so on and so forth. And set up a cold storage there.... (What did you call that company then?) That was Leonard Brothers Division of Na? tional Sea Products. You want to get into the history of National Sea Products, it's quite interesting, actually, here. My father sold his little operation in--it would have been in the late 1930's, I think --to Lunenburg Sea Products Limited, who were the Smiths in Lunenburg, who were big, big in the fish business. Who in turn sold out when National Sea Products was formed; took stock in the new company. That was an CO-OP SERVICE STATION Kerosene Available Exhaust Repairs Complete Brake Service Motor Vehicle Inspection Minor Repairs Lube • Oil • Greases Top Quality Low, Gasoline... 562-2315 Low Prices 503 PRINCE ST. • SYDNEY, N. S. A Pioneer Company ROBIN'S • NOW 228 YEARS OLD • ROBIN, JONES & WHITMAN, INC. The company was founded around 1766 by the Robin fami ly from the islands of Jersey and Guernsey in the English Channel. These French-speaking immigrants to Arichat and Cheticamp supplied the local fishermen with their ba? sic necessities and took the fishermen's catch to markets around the world. Robin's have evolved to include furni? ture, hardware, bulding supplies, and groceries. Cheticamp, N.S. 224-2022 • Invemess, N.S. 258-2241
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