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Page 74 - George Leonard & the Fish Business

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1 (182 reads)

out on fishing boats, and deep-sea drag- gers. Stayed away from as much of that as possible. And longliners, I've done that. And I made a trip one time to Labrador. We used to collect salmon up there, from dif? ferent buying stations. Bring them back here. They'd be 7 or 8 days old when we got them back to North Sydney. Maybe as high as a thousand cases on a ship, on a boat. That was the first time I ever saw icebergs, which is really something to see. We were in a place called Battle Harbour, Labrador. It was like between two islands; I'll never forget it. Beautiful day in Ju? ly. I walked up to the top of a hill. And there was a little grave? yard. And on one of the lit? tle tomb? stones was, "In Memory of So-and- So, a good and faithful servant of Bain 15 Minutes (From Sydney, that is.) NORTH SYDNEY 1V
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