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Page 76 - George Leonard & the Fish Business

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1 (167 reads)

word. And that went into the fishmeal plant we had. We used to smell the whole town of North Sydney out, along with Nick? erson. And they used to say every time the wind came southerly across the harbour and into town, they knew it was going to rain because they could smell the fish meal we produced! But we never had any problems; people kind of laughed about it. But it was important, it had to happen. (It was the smell of work, wasn't it?) Yeah. And then in years after that, we used to sell a fair amount of those frames, fish frames, to the mink ranches. And in some cases it was frozen in blocks. And they would come and get it, pay a cent a pound for it, I remember.... Then there was a lot of it frozen and shipped away for mink food. (Did you learn fish buying by actually doing it too, or was it okay to just observe?) No, you had to be careful what you bought. So FEET HURT? ' ARTHRITIS ' DIABETES Bfl BUNIONS diGOUT a NARROWAVIDE FEET ' HAMMER TOES Then join us for a special event! FOOTCARE FOOTWEAR WEEK: S't. 18-22 • Footcare Nurse • Call for appt. In Footcare Week: Jake Gale • 539-5 lOO An Invitation To • COMFORT* • A Special Showing Of Extra Depth* shoes EXTRA DEPTH? for removable custom insoles or orthotics Extra soft calfskin or deerskin leather uppers. Perfect for the Arthritic and Diabetic foot. Extra light-weight VIBRAM? or cushion crepe soles. Available in full range of men's and women's sizes, widths, and colours for sport, casual, duty, and dress. Leonard Bros, office bIdg., Youville Sq., Montreal • early 1900's you had to know fish. In other words, you didn't want to buy a bunch of jink, and stuff that was half rotten, and whatnot else. And this is kind of part of the train? ing- -just general knowledge, you see. So you had to know what the heck you were doing, (So it's quality of fish....) It was qual? ity, oh definitely.... (As well as what to pay.) Well, you were told that, basically, that was coming from the office, eh? You didn't go half-cocked on that one; you were told. So that was not a problem. But you must remember, in those days there were no banks in these small little commu? nities. And as a result, you were carrying cash. I can well remember in the swordfish business, having 20 to 30 thousand dollars in the back pocket all the time--which you im;' CAPE BRETON BRACE LTD. 66 Cornwallis Street, Sydney, NS • 539-5100 • 10% Seniors • ( CANES 'WALKERS ??CRUTCHES)|I 11 r IT uu EiiOM
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