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Page 86 - George Leonard & the Fish Business

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1 (151 reads)

There were good people, too. Don't forget that you were dealing in many, many cases with--the people that worked in those plants were the salt-of-the-earth type, you know. They weren't educated. Lots of them couldn't write their own name. But they were still great people. Great people to be with. You learned a lot just being with them, as far as that goes. (Were you always comfortable with them?) Oh, yeah. Never had any problems that way. It was always on an equal basis, which is as it should be. Never any great problems at all with--they were all second-generation Newfoundland people. Most of them from the south coast of Newfoundland. Moved over here when Newfoundland was still another country. Moved to Canada for a better life. (Was there no attitude regarding just the resources difference between the two of you? I mean, you are the fish buyer, and !' = JJ. BARRINGTON LTD. WHEEL AUONMENT & AUTO BODY LTD. 137 Kings Rd. SYDNEY, NS B1S2Z5 (AT THE TRACKS) [V] Collision Repairs & Painting [nH Frame Straightening T Computer Wheel Balancing & Alignment [T| We stock Brakes & Shocks for most cars [Tl We now carry a Full Line of Tires FREE EfflMATO 564-8150 FAX 539-4501 stay Tuned through the Summer! "Welcome to Cape Breton" 9:00 am to 10:00 am FEATURING • Traditional iViusic Local Cape Breton Information • Tourist Destinations & • Special Events CJCB AM Stereo- Cape Breton's Super Station! they are the fisher person.) Oh well, you're talking--I was talking about the plant worker types. But, it just didn't seem to be that--it didn't seem to be too much of the attitude where--"He's a fish buyer, he's out to screw us," and so on.... The darn things were only worth so much mon? ey- -the fish. Codfish was 3 1/2C a pound, or 5C, whatever. Right across Nova Scotia, from one end to the other. So the guy knew what he was going to get before he ever went fishing. So there was never a problem with the price changing daily, and if it didn't change, you're screwing me type of thing. We had that type of situation in the swordfish business, because the price was changing daily, and a lot of competition between the different buyers, and whatnot else. So we might have had that. But not with the lowly codfish, groundfish and the like, no. That was basically the same, pretty close to the same, right across all of Nova Scotia. If you wanted to get a cent a pound more, take it to Yarmouth. Laughs. Carry it up there! So, there was never those problems. (Was there a lot of competition between fish buyers? When you'd go to buy in a community, would there be 6 or 7 other fish buyers right there, competing with you?) Not so much in the groundfish busi? ness, because it was a very common prod? uct- -everybody had it. In too many cases, the more you bought, the more money you lost. Because they were o'rtensJ YOUNG'S POWER EQUIPMENT LTD. Millville • Boularderie * Phone 674-2008 CAPE BRETON TRAILER SALES Trans Canada Highway IZA A A-4 C7 Bras d'Or 04H-U I O # ~ YOUR DEPENDABLE TRAILER DEALER ~ Come In and See Our Selection of NEW & USED HARD TOPS & TRAVEL TRAILERS • Visit Our Showroom for a Great Selection • 86
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