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> Issue 70 > Page 30 - John Angus Fraser and the Wreck of the Kismet II

Page 30 - John Angus Fraser and the Wreck of the Kismet II

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1 (251 reads)

me when I gave her the camera and the bud? gie, which was practically scaring Fraser to death by that time, as he was drinking some of that strong spirits. Then the fun started. We had a few good drinks, and turned on the gramophone, lis? tening to the music. But after a few more drinks we started waltzing, and when day? light came we were still waltzing, and the music turned away up. And all the people walking up to see where the Kismet went ashore, as the gale was after springing up again as soon as the sun started coming up. Now, nobody in the world knew or would believe that I got aboard that ship, and those people that were passing figured that Ronie and I were celebrating the ship going ashore. It blew all that day, but the following day it was calm. This Fraser and I headed back up again. And we couldn't see any boats around the Kismet, but they were there. They came from everywhere, from miles away. Now when Fraser and I climbed the ladder, what a beautiful sight: everyone dancing and sing? ing songs, with a quart of rum in their hand. And every boat left that ship with all it could carry, mostly hard liquor. And when someone would heave a case overboard, which THE Muffler Man 93 King St., North Sydney EX:i>/VIMDED 3ER/IOES! • Exhaust • Brakes • Struts • Shocks • Springs • Michelln and Goodrich Tires • Life Time Warranty • 4-Wheel Alignment • Wheel Balancing Free Estimates 794-7500 they could reach down and pick it up as the water was only shallow, they would say, "The heck with it, lots more aboard!" And on that trip I went looking for the parrot. But when I found him he was dead. Someone was trying to catch him, and must have hurt him. And when I told Ronie she cried practically all day, because she really wanted that parrot. . . . (The next day) it was a beautiful after? noon, and Ronie and I could see all the boats, practically from everywhere, pass? ing Meat Cove. And we knew that they were going to the Kismet. I figured that I should take another trip up. I knew that that day everything good and bad would come off. But the surprising thing was, when I turned the point in Meat Cove, every one of them was drifting around outside of the Kismet. When I got there the first person that I talked to was Johnnie Edmond. I asked him was he aboard, and the reply he made, "You would have to be a bird in order to get aboard. The R.C.M.P. came and pulled all the ladders up." Then I told Johnnie the R.C.M.P. couldn't do that as that was my ship, I was the first person aboard af? ter the crew left it, and it was floating. But how to get aboard was another problem. So in we goes. I took a cod jig and fired it up over one of the bars that was coming from the big ship to the small lifeboat. Kept pulling the cod line until I got a rope over the bar, then put a running knot on the rope, and away I goes. Ten minutes later every ladder was down. Twenty min? utes later everyone was aboard. Thirty minutes later everyone was loaded--another big party aboard the ship. The only thing was missing was the girls for dancing, but GILLIS Markland ?? BUILDING CENTRE! mmm. THAT NEW HOME CALL US FOR AN ESTIMATE FLOOR & ROOF TRUSSES KINGS ROAD, SYDNEY RIVER 539-0738 HOMES msD I Complete Home Packages Cottages • Garages Contact Darren Wilcox: 539-0738 coastal resort A. small and beautiful resort right on the sandy ocean beach and back bay. Dunes, sea meadow, eagles, whales. Straddling the National Park. v'ome for the beauty, stay for the service! Reservations: 1-800-872-6084 Local phone (902) 383-2246 Cabot Trail, Dingwall, Nova Scotia, BOC IGO, Canada 30
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