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Page 50 - Mary Ann (MacLellan) MacEachern

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1 (167 reads)

many soldiers there. He was hurt in the war and was in the hospital over there. The fellow that had the news came up to Sandy Maclnnis's in Glendale, and said, "I can't go up there, his mother is up there." So Sandy came up and he had the sad news. My father was awful for teasing. Sandy has this news and my father was teasing Sandy about this woman, this girl. Sandy took my brother Johnny out and told him that Alec Dan was wounded in the war and was in the hospital. My mother was outside crying and I was cry? ing too. I guess a shell came from the Germans, you know; across there was a trench over like that (waving, indi? cating) way down there. He was hit by German shrap? nel , and he NtiWtltl'MI flddUifUk Sunday, Aug. 18 1:00 at BEN EOIN SKI SLOPE 20 km. west of Sydney on Highway 4 An Afternoon of Great Family Entertainment FEATURING... John Allan Cameron J. p. Corinier and Hilda Chiasson-Cormier Slainte Mhath (with Bhreagh MacDonald, Bruce MacPhee, Ryan & Boyd MacNeil) Third of a Dozen Brenda Stubbert Tommy Leadbeater Glenn Graham Rodney M acE>onald Winnie Chafe Jackie Dunn Gordie Sampson ...& MANY MORE SURPRISES! Craft and Souvenir Sales For more information, please contact: Dan MacDonald 562-3211 (AUDIO OR VIDEO RECORDING EQUIPMENT IS NOT PERMPrTED ON THE CONCERT SfTE) 1102 King's Rd. SYDNEY RIVER 567-1499 iVRMOUR iPaleStar Diamonds "Driven to Deliver" got hurt here (indicatesf her lower right side). If you lifted your head at all, if you put your head over that, they would shoot. The Germans were watching. My father went to Glen? dale and gave money to the priest for the Mass there. Five dollars. Alec Dan got better; he was well. Alec Dan came home safe. Ronald was home from Halifax, we had the young mare then on the wagon. Every evening he was going down to Judique and the train would come, to see who was on we knew. This night, he didn't go and a man from Bornish, Colin MacDonald--they called him Colin "Bornish"--was down in Judique. I Who came off I the train but Alec Dan. There was a dance up in a vacant house, oh about half a mile from us, an old house. It was vacant, you know, and Alec Dan went to the dance with Colin "Bornish." He went up to the dance at the house; he never came home at all. In the morn? ing, I got up about seven o'clock and who was in but Alec Dan! "Mary," he says, "why weren't you at the dance last night?" "I was hay? making ," I said, "and I was too tired." (Laughter.) 'UB 3 Great Locations to Serve You 326 Commercial St. NORTH SYDNEY 794-SUBS 403 Ctiarlotte St. SYDNEY 539-SUBS TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS ARMOUR TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS, one of the most reUable names on the road, is here to deliver. It's a networic comprised of four leading companies in the highway transportation industry...Armour Transport...Drury Transfer...Diamond's Transfer and Pole Star Transport. Maritime owned and operated, servicing Atlantic Canada and beyond, Armour Transportation Systems is dedicated to getting the job done right. Armour DRURYS SYDNEY 149 York Street, Sydney, N.S. BIP 6B6 Phone 539-4185 • Toll Free 1-800-565-4186 • Fax 562-0205 On Time...Everv Time! 50
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