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Page 3 - With Ida Mauger of Cap La Ronde

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1 (421 reads)

(Did you always know he was going to be your husband?) I fell in love with him--I don't know. There was something about him. I didn't always know he was going to be my husband, but I loved him. I don't under? stand, and I can't explain, but there was something about him that I didn't see in other people. If I was at school, if I needed a pencil sharpened, he would do it for me. If there was any little thing that he saw, that I wouldn't ask, it would be done by him. And it must have been that there was something between us that was kind of drawing us together. Because that never left us--I always felt that way. Now, when I went away to teach school-- there were some very, very nice young men down there, and I thought. Well, I'm a school teacher. I don't see why I couldn't have a boy friend. I never had one before. Lennox was my only--I didn't think of him much more as a boy friend. I loved him, he did everything for me, he loved me. But believe me, absence makes the heart grow fonder. And when I got down there, I began to think. Well, what is here compared to what I have left at home? There and then I really knew what the bond was between us. It was the bond of love--true love. And we just didn't know it. We didn't realize what was going on. But we loved each other. He was good, hon? est, respectable. I couldn't ask for a better husband. I couldn't ask.... Left: Ida's daughter Pearl with husband Harry Whittier, behind the house. Above: the front of Ida's house, facing the sea. I got this lovely Easter card (when I was still in St. Esprit). I wondered. Who on earth is sending me an Easter card? It's from down home--oh, I suppose it's from my mother and father. When I opened it up, here was this beautiful card. And I'll never forget the verse, and I'm going to recite it to you. "If I could have my dearest wish fulfilled,/ Or take my choice of all earth's treasures too,/ And ask from Heaven whatsoe'er I willed,/ I'd ask for you. Lovingly, Lennox." Do you like it? (Oh, I guess I like it.) That's the verse that was on the Easter card. And from then, he knew he loved me, and so did I know I loved him. And when I came home--I taught school just one year (more), and then we were married Minister of National Health and Welfare Ministre de la Sante nationale et du Bien-etre social HEALTH plays an important part in our lives and in our community. Cape Breton's Maga? zine aids in the development of good health by sharing and re? membering people's lives, which is a crucial part of our future and our growth. I would like to take this opportu? nity to congratulate Cape Breton's Magazine as it enters 25 years of collecting and sharing Cape Bre? ton's stories, and wish you contin? ued success in the years to come. Sincerely, David C. Dingwall 600l??/y?'*l t/rakf! service arurrts & rotors resurfaced DISCO TIRE 2&4 wheel alignment including 1-ton trucks and motor homes computerized engine analysis tune up and air conditioning GOODYEAR CERTIFIED AUTO SERVICE 95 Disco St. SYDNEY 539-4070
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