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Page 5 - With Ida Mauger of Cap La Ronde

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1 (305 reads)

And then my (own) father used to fish and farm. And my father used to give us fish You know, we used to live-- we didn't have to hardly ever pay out money for anything to eat, only for our clothes. And not for all that, because my mother used to knit, and knit sweaters and knit socks and everything. When they would sell the wood, oh, they would have that money. And sometimes they'd throw a little party for us, you know, for something. We'd have a little kitchen racket. They weren't drinking or not even smoking then. And we used to have the loveliest times when I was young. I think back--not the same, not the same.... (Lennox) was my childhood schoolboy. He came to school with me. Not too long, because he had to give up going to school. I knew my husband, yes, because we were brought up together. I was in the house next door. We came to school. But when his father died--you see, he could only go to as far as Grade 8. Because he had to quit school. He had to come home and work on the farm and keep up--look after the family. And he didn't have a chance to go. But he was a very good farmer. And he worked this farm here for years. And not only this farm. He planted potatoes. You know how they're planted from seed. Do you know how .*-''%-i''%i Lennox Mauger you plant a potato? You take the potato. And do you know what they call eyes, in the potato? They called all those little holes "eyes." Well, that is where the seed comes from--the potato seed. Very well now, I'll go back to my story, for my husband. He planted 100 barrels of that seed for the neighbours all around. My husband had other farms (to take care of), yes. (Ida's daughter Pearl explained 5 flights to Toronto. Coimt'em. (ireat fares to day . With th? 9:15am lO through Halifax • Five flight! ?st departure and the earliest a 12:15pm AIR CANADA w) QirNova
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