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Page 56 - Joe Neil MacNeil: A Talk About Tales

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1 (157 reads)

And then, everybody was after hearing it. So what was the good of it any more, you didn't bother with it, as long as you didn't have anybody to hear that story. Who were you going to tell the story to, because they all heard it already, the different times. (So would you forget the story?) Well, you'd just forget about it, yes. (And to bring it back again--would you be able to?) Well, I don't think. I don't know. I hardly think I could get some of them back any more. (So what you're telling me is that in many cases there are lots of stories that, even though you yourself heard them, you can't recall them today.) No, I can't recall them. But most of my stories--there were very few that I didn't, very few of them that I didn't have to brush up on them, and get to find them in books here and there. Maybe I'd get an English version of the story. But when I'd read it, I'd find that that's a story that I had heard years ago. A certain man told that story in Gaelic. There were just a few changes in it here and there.... That those changes were made before or after, it didn't matter, but there were some changes made. Whether the 25% of the heat sneaked out of the basement. Then came True Wall. insulation covered the basement in one quick day and cut ttie tieating bill overnight. You don't need costly studs to put it up, just nails and strapping. Put it on the walls, on the floor, all over. Don't be the victim of sneaky heat. Cold Basements Are Bad News By TrueFoamj AVAILABLE THROUGH YOUR LOCAL BUILDING SUPPLY DEALER OR CALL US AT 1-800-565-1291 TRUEFOAM LIMITED • 1-902-468-5440 11 Mosher Drive, Dartmouth, NS B3B1L8 man that told me the story, whether he had changed it or the person that told him the story had made the change, or whether the change was made later on when they were collecting it. Who knows? But there was a little difference here and there. But not enough to spoil the story. Then, in some cases, he might start tell? ing a story, and he didn't start at the beginning of the story. Maybe he went so far up ahead on it before he'd start it. And maybe there was quite a bit of the story in back of that, before that, that he just didn't start away with. Maybe there'd be pretty near a chapter of the story gone before he started up at all. And he carried on from there. And maybe the ending was a little bit different. See, sometimes they didn't go out to the very ending of a story, they'd cut off. If they were after forgetting a few lines or something, they'd be liable to cut off early, from the story. I guess the reason for that--they didn't figure that those stories would be followed up and told, and gone over in years to come, and set up-- they wouldn't think of that. (They weren't thinking about the future.) No, no, no, they were only just using the stories of the time. (I don't suppose they were thinking that the stories would ever die. Maybe they didn't think it was even important.) Well. I guess they didn't think (along) those lines, they didn't consider that the story might die out or that the story might be recorded or might be of great value some day, when people would like to have those stories. But, I don't know. Kind of strange, though, that they didn't realize that those stories were carried over from time to time, and that there might not be anyone left to tell those stories. But I suppose they TAYLOR'S ' DENTURE CLINIC D.V.A. & Dental Plans Accepted SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR SENIORS Registered with "TAPS" I DENTURES | CONSTRUCTED, RELINED & REPAIRED J. B. TAYLOR • LICENSED DENTURIST 92 Charlotte St., Sydney 564-9111 A Pioneer Company ROBIN'S • NOW 230 YEARS OLD • ROBIN, JONES & WHITMAN, INC. [ The company was founded around 1766 by the Robin fami? ly from the islands of Jersey and Guernsey in the English Channel. These French-speaking immigrants to Arichat and Cheticamp supplied the local fishermen with their ba? sic necessities and took the fishermen's catch to markets around the world. Robin's have evolved to include furni- i ture, hardware, bulding supplies, and groceries. II Cheticamp, N.S. 224-2022 • Inverness, N.S. 258-2241 56
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