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Page 62 - Joe Neil MacNeil: A Talk About Tales

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1 (308 reads)

6 years old--at 5 years I was hearing stories, sure. I remember hearing a couple of stories when I was about 5 years old. I knew them when I saw them in print later on, I knew them. (So you don't think of yourself as a good storyteller.) Well no, not the best, no no. Only what's left of the storytell? ers. But no. No no, I'm not the best at all. The best storytellers are gone.... A lot of people that talk about good storytellers--they were good reciters, they were real good. But, they're gone. We haven't those people with us any more. The Kennedys, for instance, and John Maclsaac. And this other fellow, this Angus MacMillan. Well, I got part of the story of the Big Fisherman's son, I got part from him, and the other part from Kate Kennedy. That's where I got that story. And the other part in the book. So I made a story out of the whole works. I combined the whole thing and made a long story of it.... That was the first great loss the stories had: there were a few people good to tell stories, but they just referred to them and let it go at that. (You mean they themselves stopped telling them.) Yes. A lot of them could have told those stories. I'm sure a lot of them could have kept on telling some of those stories, and they'd preserve them. It was only the old people that were left.... At another time, Joe had given us this warning as well: There's an awful lot of good material. I've lost so much that I didn't get around to picking up enough ma? terial. The little material that I kind of gathered and remembered, the fragments Experience The Delta Difference Sydney's First Class Accommodation At Affordable Rates .'Waterfront location, in the heart of Downtown Sydney, adjacent to the City Hall, 3 blocks from Centre 200 and | the Sheraton Casino Sydney. A 152 Harbourview Guest Rooms. A Indoor Pool & Fitness Centre. A Exciting 55' Water Slide. A Continental & Maritime Cuisine. A Children's Menus & Prices, Kids 6 & under EAT FREE.I Deka's Got You Covered in Adantic Canada DELTA BRUNSWICK SAINT JOHN, N.B. DELTA ST. JOHNS ST.JOHNS, NFLD. that I--I was only down in the bottom of the barrel. Most of it was all gone. Well, that could have been lost. It was only by chance that that itself was caught. There was an awful lot of good material--much better than I had--lost in this country, because--didn't get around to gathering that material in time. Joe Nell MacNeil's Sgeul gu Latha: Tales until Dawn was edited and translated by Dr. John Shaw. The 483-page hardcover Gaelic-and-English edition costs $35.00. The English-only paperback is $20.00. Please add 7% GST, and $8.00 for shipping and handling. ORDER FROM: Sandy Publishing Group Limited P. O. Box 179, Mabou, Nova Scotia BOE 1X0 Delia Sydney | Delta Hotels & Resorts 300 Esplanade, Sydney, N.S. BlP 1A7 (902) 562-7500 Toll Free Reservations Canada 1-800-268-1133 U.S.A. 1-800-877-1133' SPECIALIZING IN WEDDING AND FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS Your Prestige Fterisr' % For Quality and Service i NURSERIES (1994) LTD. Satisfaction Guaranteed ' FRESH FLOWERS • POTTED PLANTS > SILK & DRIED FLOWERS AND PLANTS > BALLOON ARRANGEMENTS 62
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