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> Issue 71 > Page 66 - Gabriel Sylliboy Becomes Grand Chief, 1918

Page 66 - Gabriel Sylliboy Becomes Grand Chief, 1918

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1 (399 reads)

.''??*.-,' .*''=.. puksukl poqji alasutmamkis mi'soqo kaqoqtek elp kaqiaqsip ta'n teh alasutmamk na na'te'la. 1857 Anno Domini eluiknek te'sipunkekek wtejk kisisaqmawitek Plansue Tu'ma teluisisenaq I'nuisaqmawaq U'nama'kik na tujiw mikuaptiksip na ta'n puktew ika'tu'tis nekla aniapsuinukuik kujjinaqi'k tujiw nekla saqmawaq mikwite'tkis aji espa'tun na na'te'la tujiw elukomis kwilasin kuntey ta'n sapukuan ekwitka aqq pekisutasikek elukomis klujjiewey wskijipukwa'tasina aqq mawipiskwa'tasina aqq na'te'l tujiw la'tasin kukmijinu Se'ta'n te's tewa'lujela. Nike'j tujiw na'te'l pejita'mkek kujjinu I'nuipa'tlia's etlinsetuapukuep aqq welutkip ta'n koqoey tele'k te's kukmijinu Se'ta'n tewa'luja, aqq eltamkip Se'ta'n wplaqnek, wkwat weskaqeltmip, pkitnemasuti nespia'ti'tip mimajuinu'k. Kaqikiskajo'ltimkek, tujiw apj eli apajita'mkip alasutmo'kuomka; nujintu'tijik alasutmaqn jipkelmulek apajintu'tip mi'soqo lamikuomk. Kaqi apajipiskweta'mkek tujiw elta'mkip patkwi alasutmaqniktuk weska'qeltmeksip sape'wik waqantem kukmijinu A'na. Na telikaqiaqsip tewa'ltimkeweya. Mawipikwelkaq mimajuinuaq pejiteko'tkaq, newitki'k pa'dia'ski'ka skmtuk etuk mimajuinukuik na'tami teluemk etuk suel ta'pu pituimtlnaqnnitki'k maw wapo'ltitka. Aqq mawi wantaqtekek mawio'mia, moqwej etuk wenaq ketkiekuaq ktu'teminua, aqq mawipkwelki'kko'qmanaki'k pejise'ta'newultitki'k, 477 te'sitki'kkmnie'wultiki'k, maw mijua'ji'jk piltui ila'lujika nekmow 40 te'sijika. Na'nukunitek tepknuset, amskwes elukutimkek, teliaqip kisalame'sikek tujiw mimajuinu'k wenaqa'tu'tip salitey I'nui Sa'n Tenioq izing the Mi'kmaqs' tmce with their traditional enemies, the Kwetekj or Mohawk] was reinstalled in office. Simon Basque, Grand Captain [the senior-most captain and sec? ond in line of authority to the Grand Chief] from Why? cocomagh was approved for office, as were Captain Jo? seph Stevens of Chapel Island, Captain John Noel Denny of Malagawatch, Captain Frank Pierro of Wagmatcook, and Captain Frank Gould of Eskasoni. Leadership will continue to be centred at Kuntewiktuk [Sydney]. When the Cape Breton captains had been installed. Chief Mat? thew Francis of Merigomish spoke in the great house. He said he had seen many Mi'kmaq people travel to Chapel Island to be healed. Our fire [our community] will stay at Po'tlotek. Money will be collected to buy a commemorative cross for our late Grand Chief John Denny who died in Eskasoni, Cape ' '?? ',, Breton. Each person will contribute money and everyone ' ''' will be asked to be good and holy as the late Grand Chief had directed us. On the seventh day we climbed the mountain called Calvary to where a large cross stands. Our Fa? ther Pacifique, the Indian's priest, traveled with us. The people started out from inside the church. The prayer leader [lay native catechists who, in the absence of a cleric, were permitted to lead religious services] recited a special prayer about the road to Calvary that the priest had allowed him to use. They stopped at each of the crosses until reaching the largest one on the mountain's top [this section refers to a per? formance of the biblical narra? tive "The Pas? sion of Our Lord," in which fourteen wood? en stations de? picting Christ's sufferings are visited by pray- SIMEON'S II Family Restaurant 427 Grand Lake Road, Sydney 562-0251 We Feature: • Full Course Meals • Fresh Seafood • Steaks • Chops • Ethnic Dishes • Homemade Pies Baked Fresh Daily Come in! We would love to serve you! SIMEON'S Restaurant & Tiffany Dining Room FULLY LICENSED Piummer Ave., New Waterford 862-8090 • 862-8093 We feature the same great food as Simeon's II & we have large Banquet Facilities & Lounge You Are Here X (You should be here.) I NORTH SYDNEY i Open MONDAY thru SATURDAY 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM ?kSki for Ali am Stereo K-i<'?-.'?*,i*?'a • 'J?- Before You Hit the Slopes This Winter • Check with Us First! I The Latest Ski Conditions Daily 7:30 am • 12:40 pm • 5:10 pm (Sundays 9:10 am) or Call the CJCB Snow Phone • 24 Hours • 539 - I Ski "Listen to Win Great Ski Prizes All Winter" CJCB AM stereo - Cape Breton's Super Station!
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