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Page 77 - Percy Peters and the Sick Horse

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1 (220 reads)

With 60 years' experience working and showing Belgian horses, Percy is a friend to anyone who loves horses. He helped Wendy & Bill WIshart with their Clydesdale, Keri, at Rear Ball's Creek. Anyway, she made the final effort, and she got on her feet. She stood there. Well look, those other horses were so pleased-- they came up and started talking to her. And you believe me. They'd go down so far in the field. And she hadn't made a step yet. And they'd go so far. And they'd come back--three other horses. They're there in the field yet. They'd come back. And they'd whinny for her, "Come on with us. Come on with us." This is apparently like they were talking. She hadn't eaten, you know, for two days--not anything--or (for) three days.... And then finally, she started to make steps. And they'd go so far, come back; go so far, and come back. And they offered her grass that was good. And they went to the very place, and she started following --a little wobbly, of course. She was starving. We tried her with a drink, but it wasn't that she wanted. It was hunger. And they got her down to the very best TAKE CHARGE Of Your Future Small business is now the number one source of job creation in Canada. We can help you become the next success story! We can offer loans to new or existing busi? nesses at competitive terms and interest rates. COASTAL BUSINESS Opportunities Incorporated 338 Charlotte Street, Sydney, N.S. 539-4332 We can invest in your business by way of preferred or common shares. S.E.A. Program The Self Emplovment Assistance Program can provide a wage subsidy to unemployed individuals starting a small business. Technical Assistance We can help in many other ways, such as business plan development, identi? fication of additional sources of financing and day to day problem solving. lush pasture grass there was. And she came along right after that. She's there in the field today.... So that's all I can tell you about her. She was used on sleigh rides last winter along? side the other mare. (And you feel the horses were taking her to where the better aftergrass was.) That's apparently--seemed like that. The other, where they were graz? ing up, wasn't good enough for her. They pointed right--I can take you and show you where they took her, was right on the side of the hill where there was lush grass. It's hard to believe. I guess the Lord gave them more sense than us,, you know. If a man had the brains of a horse, he'd be smart. Smarter than what he is. He's supposed to be a dumb animal, but--he can sense as much danger as you can, if it's around. Bookstore Over 175 Nova Scotian Titles A Map Book of the Province of Nova Scotia-$f ft95 ',.' Hiking Trails of Nova Scotla-$f2.95 ''':'' Nova Scotia by Blcycle-$fZ95 '''Sil Coastal Paddung Routes 1. Cape Breton & North Shore-$1Z00' 2. The Eastern Shore-$1Z00 3. The South Shore (Bay of Fundy)-$12.00 f Canoe Routes of Nova Scotia-'.OO Nova Scotia Fact Book-$5.00 Birds of Nova Scotia-$19.95 Tracing Your Ancestors in Nova Scotia-$3.50 ' To receive a free publications list or to place an order, you can contact us ' at the Nova Scotia Government Bookstore, 1700 Granville Street, Box ' 637, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J 2T3. ', Phone: (902) 424-7580 (To// free within Nova Scotia 1-800-526-6575) . Internet: http://www/[email protected] ' Orders must be paid in advance. Make your cheque or money order . payable to the Minister of Finance. Add the appropriate shipping fee (see ?? below) to your order. Canadian residents add 7% GST. ' under $5 ' $5.01 to $25 ' $25.01 to $75 ?? $75.01 to $200 over $200 SHIPPING FEE $1.75 $3.50 $5.40 $10.50 6% of total order M ARMOUR TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS ARMOUR TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS, one of the most reUable names on the road, is here to deliver. It's a network comprised of four leading companies in the highway transportation industry...Armour Transport...Drury Transfer...Diamond's Transfer and Pole Star Transport. Maritime owned and operated, servicing Atlantic Canada and beyond. Armour Transportation Systems is dedicated to getting the job done right. WPaleStar Diamonds Armour DRURYS SYDNEY 149 York Street, Sydney, N.S. BIP 6B6 Phone 539-4185 • Toll Free 1-800-565-4186 • Fax 562-0205 "Driven to Deliver'...That's Armour Transportation Systems.. On Time...Every Time! 77
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