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Page 25 - A Little Visit with Ashley MacIsaac's Parents

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (316 reads)

listen to it." We always backed them up 100%, but we never forced them. We enjoyed it. Every concert. I couldn't wait when I knew Ashley was going to be performing. Like, say, if this was a Sat? urday at noon, he was this little boy. Go? ing to dress him up really cute in the tartan vest and that. And I couldn't wait for him to come out on stage and perform. You just felt so good. Sitting there watching your kid come out on stage and, you know, hearing other people saying, "Oh, that's the little Maclsaac fellow with the curly hair." He was cute when he was a little fellow. And if he lets it grow today, it's still exactly like that. time you can't get ahold of a fiddler be? cause they're all booked up ahead. They're calling here now, they're calling here for I don't know how long looking for fiddlers for the summertime, but everybody's booked. In the summertime, if you want a fiddler at a wedding in this part of Inverness County, you better book him a long time ahead, because you're not going to get him in June. Or May. 'Cause you just won't get one. Because there's so much opportunity for (Was there any other goal you had for him? Did you hope in your heart he'd be an en? gineer? Or a lawyer?) Angus: No. No. No. Carmelita: No. Angus: A little bit con? cerned that, maybe, at some time this may, this good thing may die off--the craze there is for the violin now, for the musicians. And as you can see--I think he's certainly done his share of opening up--and a lot of people are giving him credit for it now--that he opened up avenues for all the other musicians because right now all the--I should say all the violin players--because every band wants a fiddler in it now. Every band wants a fiddler. And in the summer- L'Arche Cape Breton # # • ' The Ark L'Arche Cape Breton is a community for mentally challenged people and those who choose to share life with them. Drop by our store THE ARK - new books and crafts - used books and clothing THE ARK exit 4 on the Trans-Gmada L'Arche Cape Breton Whycocomagh, N. S. B0E3M0 (902) 756-3162 We welcome visitors for tea and a tour about our community every Wednesday in July and August at 1:30 p.m. n TOBACCO THE FACTS (NC) • 'Tobacco addiction kills more people than drugs, car accidents, suicides, homicides and AIDS put together. Half of today's smokers • including youth who are just begin? ning to smoke • will die prematurely from a tobacco-related disease. (SjHjo' (Bur 25
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