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Page 31 - A Little Visit with Ashley MacIsaac's Parents

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (310 reads)

I had four girls--actually there were five--and they went to my neighbour's, Frankie Maclnnis over at the road. I was in town getting my hair cut. Lisa must've been in bed because she didn't hear the door. They asked her where we lived and they said, "Oh, we know"--you know, just neighbours. And they couldn't believe that neighbours this close--that we knew each ??other. Because in Montreal, you don't know your next-door neighbour. And they won? dered what kind of people Angus and I'd be like. And they said, "Oh, go over. Knock on the door." And they said, "Oh, God, we can't do that." So they left. So I came home from town and Mary phoned me. She said, "They're driving a van." I said. Artscape '97 Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia at the Historic CREAMERY BUILDING on the Waterfront The New Artisans Co-op IViayl-October 31,1997 Open to the Public: ARTWORKS & Top Quality Products Created by Local and Regional Craftspeople WORKSHOPS & DEMONSTRATIONS The Isle Quilt Market July 1997 (Grand Opening July 4 - 6) Exciting QUILTS DEMONSTRATIONS • WORKSHOPS QUILTER'S MERCHANTS MALL "NINE PATCH" CHALLENGE Enjoyment for Both Quilter & Visitor The Art Symposium August 1-3,1997 Nova Scotian Artists' WORKSHOPS • DEMONSTRATIONS ON-SITE PERFORMANCES August 3,1-4 PM at sites around town Granville Green Concerts July 6-August 31,1997 Weil-Known Canadian Entertainers at FREE OUTDOOR CONCERTS Every SUNDAY EVENING at 7 PM Granville Green Outdoor Bandshell For schedule, contact (902) 625-2591 INFORMATION: Artscape '97 Box 10, Port Hawkesbury, NS BOE 2V0 Phone (902) 625-0207 • Fax (902) 625-2798 E-mail: [email protected] ******* ******* Well, I see a van coming up the drive? way right now." So, sure enough, I waited a few min? utes . One of them was opening the van and they didn't know wheth? er they should get out. So I went to the door and I said, "Were you looking for some? body?" "Would Ash? ley be home-?" They knew. I said, "No, Ashley won't be home." "Oh, it's okay, then." I said, "Would you like to come in?" Well, when I did, one pushed the other out of the van and they just came in, tear up the stairs. So they came in. We talked for a little while. One was really shy --or I thought she was shy. They asked could they take some pictures, and they took pictures of everything. Wanted to see his bedroom. One girl said that today was her birthday. So Lisa went down? stairs and she got a nice cap with "Ashley" on it and gave it to her. So, this girl that was shy--"This is embarrassing"--you know--"This is awful. We shouldn't be doing this." And I said, "No, no." So she had her camera and she was just sitting there. I came out in the kitchen for something. Well, when I went back in, this one that was supposed to be shy was laying on his bed with Ashley's comforter over her, and they were taking pictures. And then she was really embar? rassed. And I said, "Look, go ahead. Feel free, it's his bedroom." And then, you know, they came out and they Granville Green (PRESENTED BY STATIA) Port Hawkesbury • Granville Green Bandshell • great entertainment, free of charge every Sunday, come to the Granville Green CONCERT TIME 7:00 P.M. IN CASE OF RAIN, a backup facility will be announced the day of the concert. Contact Recreation Dept. 625-2591 Julv13 July 20 July 27 Slainte Mhath Ron Hynes Bruce Guthro August 3 August 10 August 17 Melanie Doane The Mahones Lenny Gallant August 31 Granville Green Closing: Soup MIR ,_. Modabo Cape Breton Island July 6 TBA August 24 Cape Breton Ceilidh SPONSORED BY. • Tri Mac Toyota Stora -Strait of Canso Cable TV 'Royal Bank • Shoppers Drug Mart 'Louisiana Pacific -Strait Supplies • Central Home Improvement Warehouse 'Canso Ford Coordinated by the Port Hawkesbury Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department. For information: 625-2591.
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