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> Issue 72 > Page 55 - "The Sea Riders" A Cape Breton Feature Film 1922

Page 55 - "The Sea Riders" A Cape Breton Feature Film 1922

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (212 reads)

They call me Bob • Robert Campbell, he replied. Mary looked at him keenly. On his coat was what had once been a ribbon, probably some decoration received for military service. Mary's observant eye was quick to notice it. She touched it as she asked: "That means decoration in the war, doesn't it?" "The Military Cross," he answered. "Got it at Vimy." Mary flashed him a smile. "Of course, you'll come up for din? ner?" and without waiting for his answer she turned to her fa? ther and Simpson, "Father," she said, "Mr. Campbell, M.C., has consented to honour us with his presence at dinner." The old Captain was somewhat taken aback. Knowing, howev? er, by previous experience that Mary will have her way, he made a virtue of necessity and smilingly shook hands with the stranger. He then introduced Simpson, who ignored the pro- ferred hand and nodded curdy. Dinner was over and Mary, serving the tea, turned to Simpson with: "Marty, couldn't you put Mr. Campbell to work on your boat?" The gentleman so addressed did not appear over pleased at the request, but not being able very well to refuse he said grudgingly to the newcomer: "I'll try you out, and you can sleep down at the bunkhouse." "Mr. Campbell's going to stop at our house, isn't he. Father?" Her father started to protest, but was doomed from the start. Mary always got her own way, so what was the use? Mary was determined to make her guest thoroughly at home and promising him a shave and clean-up, she led the way to the kitchen. While she busied herself getting the necessary imple? ments. Bob was regarding her thoughtfully. He felt touched by her kindness, and she, looking up suddenly to encounter his earnest gaze, blushed confusedly. As Mary retumed to the dining room, Simpson and the captain were in earnest conversation. The former had been vigor- Go ACADIAN 3 TRIPS DAILY BETWEEN SYDNEY & HALIFAX DEPART Sydney 7:00AM 8:30 AM 4:30 PM DEPART Halifax 8:15 AM 12:45 PM 4:00 PM ARRIVE Halifax 2:30 PM 2:05 PM 11:15 PM ARRIVE Sydney 3:15 PM 8:20 PM 10:15 PM Schedule subject to change. Various stops made en route. For further information contact your local ticket agent or 1-902-454-9321. PARCEL EXPRESS • Same day service to most Maritime destinations • Pickup & delivery available • Collect shipments • Prepaid "Priority Pak" service • Excess insurance [ACADIAN LINES LIMITED 6040 Almon Street, Halifax, N.S. B3K 5Ml| ously protesting against the wholesale adoption of this "unkempt was? trel." The captain seemed wavering, but Mary very soon won him over to her side. She was full of what she was going to do for their new acquaintance, and finally her father decided to go and have a talk with the young fellow. A little later, as Mary's father entered the kitchen, he caught sight of Bob just finish? ing a drink from a small whiskey flask. He turned guiltily as he heard footsteps, and started to put away the flask, saying as he did so: "My hand was so unsteady, I thought I'd better take a bracer!" Mrs. Griffith as Mary gazes out over the ocean in northern Cape Breton "I see," retumed the other nodding grimly. "Hold out your hand, my lad." Bob did so. It shook badly. The captain looked at it quizzically. "Let's see you lather up, young fellow, and I'll shave you my? self. I don't want any accidental suicides in my house." The operation did not take long. "There, you don't look like quite such a bum, now!" V'fho Speaks Agrkuk Nova Scotia's 4000 farms generate an annual agricul? tural value of over $1 billion at the retail level. Almost 16,000 jobs have been created as a result of the processing of this food. Although most of us do not produce food, we all consume it and therefore, have a stake in the future of agriculture and in the local agri-food industry. Agriculture is everybody's business. NOiaS'COTIA. Agriculture and Marketing Hon. Guy Brown, Minister Dr. Les Haley, Deputy Minister
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