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> Issue 72 > Page 57 - "The Sea Riders" A Cape Breton Feature Film 1922

Page 57 - "The Sea Riders" A Cape Breton Feature Film 1922

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (208 reads)

But if his life was a miserable one at least there was one who thought of him constantly and who eagerly awaited the seventh day when "Mr. Campbell, M.C." would be off duty. Mary was growing to care for the erstwhile tramp, and her father's suspi? cions soon became aroused. Time hung heavy while Bob was away, but Mary spent a lot of her time helping in her father's store. This day an old woman came in to make some purchases. The Captain attended to her wants, and as he handed her the package she said: "I can't pay ye. Captain, till Mr. Simpson lakes our next load of fish to the factory." The Captain nodded understanding, but when the woman had left the store, Mary turned to him saying: "Father, we can't go on charging everything for everybody like this. The packing plant has got to pay more than a cent a pound for fish or these people can't make a living." "Yes, girlie, the price is too low, I must say." On the way to the mainland Simpson's boat had to pass Captain Burke's famous fish trap, a valuable site which Burke held uncontested for years, and which Marty Simpson had secretly long coveted. Simpson and Jack stood on the stern looking at it. After a time the former said: "If the old man doesn't wake up I'm going to take that trap from him. He never lakes possession of it according to law any? how. Seems to think he can hold it forever whether he files claim went into the Manager's office. Judson rose and greeted him enthusiastically. He begged him to be seated and drew from his desk a bottie and glasses. At the same time he handed Simpson a letter, saying as he did so: "I received this yesterday. Look it As Judson poured out the drinks, Simpson read the letter in question. It was on the letterhead of The Campbell Fish Co., Ltd., Halifax, N.S., and concluded with this important para- "Surething," replied Jack. "He hasn't any right to it anyway." "Seeing I've done all the work on it," grum? bled Simpson, "it's as much mine as his, seems to me." Before long they had reached their destina? tion. They put in at the wharf. Simpson made his way into the factory of the Campbell Packing Plant on the mainland. The plant was in the charge of Judson, a grasping and unprinci? pled man. Simpson CAPE BRETON GLASS '// // 19 MITCHELL PL. SYDNEY, NS BIP ITS PHONE 562-2817 • FAX 564-9889 Servins All of Cape Breton 24- HOUR COMMERCIAL EMERGENCY SERVICE eltic Wk''' xplorations Celtic Explorations September 1 to 6,1997 A Week at the Gaelic College For Several Years the Atlantic Canada Institute has hosted a series of cultural holidays at various universi? ties in the Atlantic Provinces, celebrating the various expressions of work and culture found in this region. This year, celebrating 60 years of cultural education, the Gaelic College will host a week-long exploration of various themes associated with the Gaels in Cape Breton. Subjects covered by notable speakers cover: Gaelic poets in Cape Breton The wealth of Cape Breton The Irish in Cape Breton Cape Breton after the Clearances The craft tradition • Nicknames in Cape Breton • Gaelic song and piping • The Gaelic College - 60 years • From St. Ann's to Waipu • "Rambles" in Scotland The Cape Breton fiddling style People's piping tradition The Mabou Coal Mines The Great Trek to Communion Field trips involve: • Highland Village Louisbourg • Boat Tour of St. Ann's Bay • Glencoe Mills Dance A full schedule of evening activities have been planned, including ceilidhs, a lobster boil, whiskey tasting, recitals and lots of traditional good food. For a syllabus and more information please contact the Gaelic College at: Phone: (902) 295-3411 Fax: (902) 295-2912 E-mail: [email protected] "Everyone's switching to oil And it's the first choice for new homes too/' Dan MacOougall, Heating specialist Ask us for Q free estimate on an efficient oil heating system. Choose forced air, hot water, or radiant heat - and pay less to heat your home. To find out more, call us today af Automatic Fuel Delivery i' Water Heaters & Burners gf Financing Plans ' Qualified Techn MInIl.MJ HomEnergy Sydney-. 5S9-7580 Clace Bay: 849-4626 North Sydney: 794-2010
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