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Page 63 - Anne Blufarb's Second World War

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (217 reads)

she kept the goat. She just put fresh straw for me and she let me sleep there all night. And the poor goat couldn't lay down because I was on his straw. So the goat was standing up all night and kicking with the feet, I was laying on that straw. And early in the morning she would come out and open and she let me out. I slept (there) a few times and then she said she was afraid the neighbours might see me and she wouldn't, you know. To think what places I slept! In some peo? ple's basements, the attics. Even one night I spent--you know where they keep the city garbage? I didn't have anywhere to go. I went to one place and they caught me and they threw me out. They said, "Get out, you Jew!" So one night I spent in that garbage place. In the summer I hid in the fields where they were growing wheat. It used to be so tall, taller than the people. So I used to go in deep into those fields and lay down. Trying to see that I won't damage too much so they won't see it. (My father did) oh, so many things. We used to have a lot of Ukrainian friends because he used to go to the theatres and he used to (do their) make-up--change (them) from a young man to an older man. And he used to make wigs (for) the actors. And he was very well known for doing it. So he used to al? ways get free tickets for the theatres. We used to have always the best place. Besides all that, he started as a barber and he kept the barbershop (going) because the people who were working for him, he felt like he didn't want them to lose the job because they depended so much, you know. And it was a good business at that time because he was also making the (wigs for) Jewish people-- especially Jewish women--(wigs were) very popular with the religious peo? ple. (Very religious Jewish women often wear wigs to hide their hair.) So he was very well known in the city. He was very well known when the Ger? mans came in. And when they started to rob all the rich homes, all the doc? tors- -we fell into that category. They came in and they robbed us, too! And they took whatever was valuable. They even took all the furniture, we had very nice furni- THE Muffler Man 93 King St., North Sydney XPAIMDED 3ERVI0E:S! • Exhaust • Brakes • Struts • Shocks • Springs • IVIichelln and Goodrich Tires • Life Time Warranty • 4-Wheel Alignment • Wheel Balancing Estimates 794-7500 How do you stop running around for all your investment services? Scotiabank offers a wide range of investment products and services • from Mutual Funds to retirement services. Visit any of our Cape Breton branches or call Greg Chiasson, Personal Investment Manager, at 539-2110 to discuss your current financial situation and help you develop an appropriate investment strategy to achieve your goals. 63
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