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> Issue 72 > Page 76 - Anne Blufarb's Second World War

Page 76 - Anne Blufarb's Second World War

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (197 reads)

the fear of death that was driving me. There's many, many instances that I could tell you the stories that I lived through. Gosh, I can't remember how many actions. I think I used to say, "I have the life"-- they say the cat has, what?--nine lives, and I used to say, "I have the life of two cats," because I survived 16 different killings. I want to write a book. I want to title it, "I Had the Life of Two Cats." COMMERCIAL G.Landry's "'="'''' Vacuum Service Ltd. I SEPTIC SYSTEMS CLEANED INSTALLED & REPAIRED I BACKHOE BULLDOZER RENTAL I PORTABLE TOILET RENTAL & SERVICE Front Lake Rd. Sydney 564-8413 ?? / SERVING ALL OF CAPE BRETON ' 1 I went to Germany for two very difficult years. (Anna went to Germany disguised as a Ukrainian.) But nothing compares (with) what the people went through in the concentration camps, you know. At least I had food and clothes. I was alone. It's a terrible feeling to lose all your family and not knowing.... I think I owe it to the people who died because they asked me, they asked me, "If you survive, tell. Let the world know what happened here." Not like the people here saying it never happened. "Tell what hap? pened, how it happened, and how we suf? fered." And I think, I just hope, that people will listen--people, even Jewish people, here in Canada, States, or wherev? er else they say, "Oh, can't happen here." They should remember that every little fire, if you don't put it out, it'd be a big flame.... A big fire. It From UCCB Press Banking on Coal: Perspectives on a Cape Breton Community Within an International Context Ijy Douglas Campbell, Ph.D. Coal mines have helped to fuel the fires of industry for more than two centuries. Banking on Coal examines the pubHc perception of coal miners, as well as the mining community's perception of itself, particularly in Inverness, Cape Breton. Mining Photographs And Other Pictures 1948-1968 edited by Benjamin Buchlofi and Robert Willcie. Selected black and white photographs and historical essays are a vivid depiction of working life and community life in the coal mining town of Glace Bay, Cape Breton. For more information onBanking on Coal, Mining Photographs And Other Pictures and other UCCB Press publications, phone (902) 563-1604. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF CAPE BRETONPRESS Started first, don't buy from a Jew. Buy only from your own peo? ple, don't support the Jews. That was starting the anti-Semitic thing. But I say there's good and bad in every nation and every country. Even in Poland there were people who were really bad, there were peo? ple who helped. I was once helped by Ukrai? nian people. Ukrainian peo? ple, a lot of them, they don't like to hear it, but they were helping the Ger? mans to find the Jewish peo? ple, where they were hid? ing. I was helped by some of the Ukrainian people. Even some of the German people showed me some mercy. (Do you think of this every day? Or do days go by that you don't think of it at Rollie's (Wharf) Restaurant L Lounge - Specializing in Fresh Seafood and Steal
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