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> Issue 72 > Page 89 - William H. "Bull" Marah - Still Fighting

Page 89 - William H. "Bull" Marah - Still Fighting

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1 (206 reads)

Top: Sadie and Bill in 1991, with grandchildren. Left to right: Christian, Ricky, Ryan, Brandie (at back), Tyler (up front), Vanessa holding Gillian, Billy, and Tom. Bottom: With daughter Valerie refereeing, Sadie and Bill arm wrestle to celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary. against all predictions--always from Glace Bay. Always. You can check it.) (If you had to say why the men wanted you--what was your job, as president? What would you say that they expected of you?) Me? Bill chuckles. They ex? pected everything! Everything. So help me God, they expected me even to make their wives pregnant! No kidding. I did everything for them, pal, you wouldn't believe it. I counselled--look: we'd come into the office, we'd sit down and we'd talk like you are. The problems they brought me, you wouldn't believe it. And we'd tackle them all. Now that's a fact. The things that we did for the men, you wouldn't believe it. I remember...Dan Joe Maclsaac and I were walking down the road, and I said, "Look!" Four men got out of (a truck) from the finance company, they were go? ing to take the furniture. The last they saw them, they were going past Senator's Corner and us after them! That's a fact. Over the fence. And the poor woman was there all alone--baby in her arms, you know. This guy was just coming with the end of the chester? field, and I hit him right behind the ear. Face first in over the chester? field. Dan Joe Maclsaac--a big Scotch? man- -was after the other one. I said, "You"--oh, I got cursing them. We chased them out of there, anyway. And the poor woman, you know. Imagine! They were going to come in and take the furni? ture right out of the house. Now, Louis Dubinsky--God rest his darling soul. He was a lawyer. And I called Louis up--Louis and I were friends. That's the only lawyer I liked! Laughs. And I said, "Louis, I want you to help me. These peo? ple are coming in, and they're going to my people. And our people are idle. And they can't pay their bills, naturally, 'cause they're idle. And they're coming taking their furniture. What can I do? You know-- without going to jail!" "Well," he said, "you know what. Bill?" he said. "They're supposed to have a writ. And that costs a lot of money. And," he said, "98% of them are going in without that." Understand? "So," he said, "you go ahead and make them produce that, and if they can't produce that," he said, "you kick them off your property." So we got all the local unions, and we in? formed all our people, you know: if they WE BUY AND WE SELL AND WE'RE AS NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE Sid's Used Furniture Phone 564-6123 436 Charlotte Street, Sydney Bird Island Tours ESERVATIONS SUGGESTED 1-800-661-6680 TOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK July 1 - August 27: 8:30 AM & 10 AM & 1:30 PM August 28 - September 25: Seal & Eagle Tours 10 AM September 26 - October 15: Fail Colour Tours 10 AM Along our rugged co [[BQBB A 2 1/2 HOUR CRUISE FROM MOUNTAIN VIEW BY THE SEA Cabins and Camping 4 miles off Trans-Canada Hwy. (Route 105) Sd BIG BRAS D'OR • (902) 674-2384 89
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