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Page 33 - With Alex Currie, Frenchvale

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (421 reads)

wanted. He'd get up. jump on the floor, there was nothing to it. i But it takes a long time to get known to this, i you know. You're a young fellow, well, to hell-- one side of the tune is as good as the other. No, it had to be I just right. And on the reel, when you turn off of the strathspey to the reel, you'd j have to give him the idea when you were going to turn. So you'd play the march. On the last turn, you'd play the strathspey. And then you'd cut right in to the reel. They'd jump that high off the goddamn floor! Everything was working good. So that's the way we had to learn it. Even Morrison, he was surprised the way I kept my time with my feet, see. Today, they just (Alex pounds on the table)--the time they got. Hit their feet, you know. I never did that, when I'd be playing. I'd sit down and play. The only time I ever stood up and played was in the army. You'd march and play. But if you're going to play a strathspey or reel, you'd sit down. You can't play a strathspey or reel stand? ing up. Because you haven't got the time. That's what they do today, you know, they just pat their foot. This Seumas Moore from Scotland, he used to come over five years ago. And the first time he ever saw me, I was playing the pipes. And all he was doing was looking at my feet.... (Tell me in detail, what were you doing with your feet? You weren't just pounding out the rhythm.) No. You worked them. (Al? ex pounds on the table again.) Keep the time. Ta-dum ti, da da-da dum, tee dum ti, da diddly dum. You keep the time with your feet. (A lot of people think the time is that pounding, the beat, beat, beat. But you don't mean that, do you? What do you mean when you say "keep the time"?) The time is the beat--the beat of the tune--the beat of Burton's Sunset Oasis HOUSEKEEPING MOTEL (OPEN YEAR ROUND) PACKAgIs j Queen Size Beds & Double Pull-Out Chesterfield ' AVAILABLE / Fully Equipped Kitchen including Microwave • Toaster • Gas Barbecue for each unit • TV • VCR Phone: Laundromat (902) 383-2666 Overlooking beautiful Bay St. Lawrence harbour I .Fax: 383-2669 and the Atlantic Ocean Qr't Reasons to Lease Your New Furnace Rrom Esm NOW! If you need to replace your old furnace, right now is a great time. WARM AIR $. FURNACE i 39.' HOT WATER %Am 95 BOILER / • " 'J . ''' NO HASSLE Beat the replacement rush REDUCED HEATING COST Modem, high-efficiency furnaces greatly reduce yearly heating costs. EASY PAYMENTS The Esso 5 Year leasing program lets you lease a warm air furnace or a hot water boiler with low monthly payments spread evenly over 60 months There's no down payment, and durmg the lease Esso handles all the mamtenance YOURS FOR $1. At the end of the lease, the equipment is yours for just $1. For more details call 53&-3350 @) Home Comfort County Line Pub & Eatery FEATURING "" Nightly Entertainment * ' Daily Homemade Specials _ Open 11 AM to 2 AM • 7 Days a Week! 581 Grand Lake Road "Where the Great Ceilidhs I Happen!" | Between PetroCan and Robin's Donuts
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