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Page 38 - With Alex Currie, Frenchvale

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (405 reads)

pipes down over my neck. I couldn't hold them on my shoulder, I was too small. I was only about that big then, not much bigger! But I put one drone over my head and the rest hanging down. That's how I learned to play the pipes. He was there to control me and see how I was doing. I got on it in no time. He was a good piper, my brother. I guess in his time, just as good as any was in the country. Yeah. (When you were learning from him, did you both have a pipe at the same time?) No, no. You just learned by ear--your ear--you just picked the tunes up. He played a tune, and then you'd get the chanter, and you tried it. See, can you do the same as he was doing. So it works out all right. We got how we wanted it, anyway. After a long hard siege. Local 1064 United Steelworkers of America Salutes Cape Breton's MAGAZINE For 25 Years, you have been telling stories of our lives in steel an essential part of the Cape Breton story. It is a never-to-be- forgotten story in a magazine that has been built to last. Keep up the good work! (You say you learned by ear. So here you are visiting your brother, who's got a hard job to do: he's working in the coal mines. And he' s not running aroxind town looking for other things to do. He's going to spend his time with a brother who's--what?--ten or fifteen years younger?) Twelve years younger. (Twelve years younger than he is. And he's going to play a tune for you, and then turn the chanter to you, I suppose, and you'll try to play it back.) That's the way it went. (And this is really the way it went.) That's the way it went. (And you learned to play that way.) I didn't have a note in the world. There was no such a thing as (written) notes, in my brother's time. Or in my time, until I joined the army. The only thing I could play then by note was the march. I had to go with the rest of the pipers to play it. If you were marching and you made a mistake in the turn of the tune or something--I played the same, but (perhaps) I didn't have the right rhythm, like. If they were playing "Hills of Glen Urquhart" or something like that. The way I learned it, I might be doing a better job. But I wasn't tooting (like) the rest of the pipers. You could hear--if I made a mis? take, they'd hear it right away. Next stop: "There was somebody Local 6537 '' • /-Fortress of / ouisboura #' • National Historic Site CJ June and September 9:30 to 5:00 July and August 9:00 to 7:00 May & October - Limited access For general information: Phone 902-733-2280 or email: [email protected] You Can Pack Everything Into Our Weekender. Pares Canada Join the adventure Of a lifetime! Canadaf And we don't mean just a suitcase! Avis has a full range of late model vehicles from sports sedans to minivans to help you get away for a great weekend, at Special Weekend Rates. At Avis, our "We try harder" service helps turn your weekend getaway into a memorable mini-holiday! Avis features GM cars. Chevrolet Lumina APV Call Today For Full Details and Reservations. Sydney-Glace Bay Hwy: (902) 564-8341 Sydney Airport: (902) 564-8265 ??1993 Aviscar Inc. AV/S We try harder.*
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