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Page 44 - With Alex Currie, Frenchvale

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (400 reads)

say, among these fellows. They were good pipers, good march pipers, the very best. That's all they knew about--the march. And they knew how to march and what to do and all of that. I was like a sheep out of the pasture. I didn't know in the Jesus what way to go or come. But at the end of it, you'd learn, you know. You'd have to "No parcel too big or too small or too inconvenient • Anywhere in Cape Breton" 564-4444 OUTSIDE INDUSTRIAL AREA 888-539-1938 ONE CALL DOES ALL ''Business for People*' new dawn enterprises ltd Real Estate > Cape Breton Association for Housing Development Provides housing for low and low-middle income families • Pine Tree Park Estates Ltd. Located at former radar base, providing housing for seniors and families, as well as incubator space for small businesses Health Care • The New Dawn Guest Home A 30-bed residential facility providing quality care for seniors • Cape Care Services Ltd. A home care company providing personal and nursing services to people in their own home • Home Living Ltd. A program where families provide home care for up to three seniors Training, Education and Consulting • Highland Resources Ltd A registered trade school providing certification for personal care workers • Volunteer Resource Centre Coordinates the work of 300 community volunteers. Programs include Meals on Wheels, Each One Teach One and a visitation program for seniors • MISSION STATEMENT • New Dawn Enterprises Ltd is a community development corporation committed to establishing and operating locally-based ventures that contribute to the creation of a self-supporting community. Tel: 539-9560 • Fax: 539-7210 learn. You couldn't get along without try? ing to be as good as they were. (Before you went away, before you went in the army, did you play dances here?) Oh, I played for every goddamn dance in Cape Breton Island at that time! Yeah, go in there and tune the pipes up. And then the floor'd rip wide open. There would be, not one dancer but a dozen on that floor.... And we were at a picnic in Frenchvale--oh, I guess it's eight years ago--I played on the stage, and I was playing with the other pip? ers. So I got off of the stage. And there was an old fellow from down here, he called me to come down--what the hell was his name? And he said, "Come down here, there's a crowd waiting to get you down off of the stage." So I went down--they had a four-by- four piece of plywood. And who was there but this Mac? Donald girl--she's married to a MacDonald. And she got on that when she saw me com? ing, and they hollered then. I got the pipes up, played a strathspey and reel. That one got on that four-by-four piece of plywood, and help me Jesus, I had more around there than there was all over the field that day! They all came there. Hitting on plywood, her feet, you know. And she was just--I'm going to tell you, it was out of the world. That one would dance for the pipes quicker than any goldarn fiddle. 'Cause I had the right time--I was used to it then. I was just back in the Old Country again! This summer, hit the beach with Silver Donald Cameron! THE LIVING BEACH The beach is magic, an infinitely complex and beautiful ballet of the shore and the land, a pas de deux between change and resistance. Caught up in the dance are the animals and plants that live there. The beach is not just a strip of sand: it is a community, a wild and living thing. • THE LIVING BEACH "...Brilliant storytelling...a style that has marked Cameron's writing since the 1970s." • Terry Glavin, The Globe and Mail "...A subject that perfectly suits his talents, passions, life and even the place he calls home." • 'Harry Bruce, Halifax Sunday Herald The Living Beach from Macmillan Canada $32.95 HARDCOVER • AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE
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