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Page 48 - Love Letters from St. Pauls Island

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (256 reads)

Dear Margret, I was very glad to hear from you once more. And I am sorry we didn't send you the ballance of your salary long ago as it should have been payed. But to tell the truth it was our fault in making up the fall list. I mean the trustees. We didn't make any allowance for loss but just assesed the flat amount of $175.00 and there was a lot of non- residence people assessed that are contrary and hard to collect from. Of course they have to pay but this proceedings against them have to be slow on account of their having no perssonal property. That is there is nothing on their places that can be turned into cash right away. We have to put a lean against their farms and sell them for tax. So that's enough about that. The next list will be on the safe side you bet. So we ware waiting for the county fund to make up the amount due you. I sent to Sydney for it and if I don't hear from there, Satur? day will find me in Sydney to see why they havent sent it over. Can you meet me there some ware around the ferry warf. If I am clear of all my work in Sydney Mines in time I will be over about three o'clock if not I will get there some time later in the evening. You asked in your letter why I didn't write or answer your letter, well yours was so cold and formal that I thought you didn't want any more social con-espondence with me and I hoap you dont think I would thrust my? self on anybody that didn't want me. Well, Margret I must conclude heaping to see you Saturday. I remain yours as ever John A., West Boularderie Miss M. A. Coady Argyle Street, Sydney, CB. Aug. 18, 1919 RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT PARTS GUARANTEED LOW PRICES Dear Friend, Just a note to let you know that I am still living altho I am in exile out hear and often wondering ware you ar. This is not a bad place altho its a bit lonesome. I found it very dull last year but I dont mind so much this summer. We have two light houses and a fog alarm on the Island and also I a life saving station. I am one of the boat crue. There is three familys living hear. They all seem to live a happie carefree life. Well dear friend I will conclude now heap? ing to hear from you soon I remain yours as ever. John A. Maclntyre, St. Pauls Island Autdparts SERVICE featuring PROPANE AT ALL LOCATIONS , cnnRDinn ' TIRE CENTRE Miss Margret Coady Louisburge, Cape Breton Sept 4 1919 OVER 23 BAYS IN CAPE BRETON TO SERVE YOU • ' 20 LICENSED ' TECHNICIANS a YOUR NEIGHBOUR FOR OVER 45 YEARS LOCALLY OWNED BY PROUD CANADIANS' OJ Everyday low prices - that's good. PRICE GUARANTEE - that's better! Everyday low prices MADE BETTER ''Uift' to Coast Wat'f'anta' GLACE BAY SYDNEY NORTH SYDNEY Mon-Fri 8 am - 9 pm Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 9 pm Sat 8 am - 5 pm Sat 7:30 am - 5 pm 842-0077 564-4777 Mon-Fri 8 am-9 pm Sat 8 am - 5 pm 794-7788 YOU CAN REACH US BY PHONE • WE ARE PEOPLE YOU CAN TALK TO Dear Marget, It surely do seeme like old times to hear from you once more. It reminds me of the better and happier days when I was building castels in the are. I am sorry I wasent home when you ware in Boularderie. Things are pretty much the same up there. You ar lucky to be able to take a vacation and have a good time. I dont seeme to find time to do anything but work. We have a new steam? er calling hear now the Princess and when it is rough or stormy the Captain wont come within a mile of the Island. We had some excitement the last time she was hear. It was blowing hard and our boat filled on us a couple of times but we are willing to take a ducking to get our mail. Oh say do you know Michel McKenzie from Louisbourge he is conductor on the train from S.&.L. He was married to my aunt but she died and he married again. His two daughters ar first cousins of mine. He lives right above the station in Louis? burge I havent seen the girls since they ware small but they say they ar awful nice. If you meet any of them remember me to them. Well dear friend I am the only Catholic on St. Pauls in other words the only spot on the map and altho the folks ar as nice as can be I feel out of place especially this week they have a Minister visiting hear so there is services and a prayer meeting every day. Sometimes I go to the service they have good sermons and the boys that ar the roughest ar the most religious and devout worshipers. Well dear friend I must conclude, heaping to hear from you soon again. Yours as ever, John A. Maclntyre, St. Pauls Island, Victoria County via North Sydney
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