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> Issue 73 > Page 50 - Love Letters from St. Pauls Island

Page 50 - Love Letters from St. Pauls Island

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (167 reads)

Miss Margret Coady Louisburge, CB. Oct. 9, 1919 Dear Margret, I received your welcome letter some time ago. I was delighted to hear from you and also to hear that you ar having a good time. I visit? ed Louisburg onse about 13 years ago. I thought it was a pretty place. Well we had some excitement hear lately. A big steamer loaded with lumber run ashore hear one night a few weeks ago. It was very dark and blowing hard so the crue was in danger. We put of and got them all ashore safe. There was 20 Chinese firemen on her and about 25 sailors and officers. The Chinese rushed our boat you would think you ware in China to hear them jabbering. They ware some scared. We had to land them on a rough place and be smart getting out of the boat but they wouldnt jump so we dragged some of them out and thrue some of them overboard. Then the fellows ashore woul- dent help them. It seems its against there religin to pull anybody out of the water. Oh III have no use for a Chineman after that night. The ship is break up but there is a recking steamer hear trying to salvage wat they can. I am going to send this letter ashore by them. We havent had any mail hear for some time. Well Margret I think I will hang out hear for the winter. The Gov? ernment is giving the sivel sen/is men a good bones single men $252.00 a year and heads of households $450.00.1 will be well fixed next year if God spares us. Oh my you must be having one great time at the nickle and danc? ing school. Thats wat I call life. I would give a good deel if I was with you to take in some of these dancing lessons. Wat do they teach Tur? key trot and Tango I suppose. Do you remember how we used to en? joy the poor old Lansers. But we have some fun here, there is an aful lot of Birds in fact the IF YOUR OIL TANK IS MORE THAN 12 YEARS OLD, CALL IN THE BOSS With Ultramar HomEnergy' easy financing terms. The space-efficient Boss tanl< is easy to install, easy to clean, and easy on the pocl
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