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Page 54 - Love Letters from St. Pauls Island

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (156 reads)

have to do the best we can. I am lucky to have this itself. There is hundreds of applications in for a place on the staff hear. Well Margret dear I will conclude for now with best regards to all and love to yourself. Yours as ever, John A., St. Pauls Island Miss M. A. Coady Atlantic Street, Sydney, N. S. Sept 15, 1921 Dear Margret, Yours came a few days ago. I was aful glad to hear from you and also that you understand the way I am situated. The old light keeper left a week ago and I am acting in his place. Of course my orders came from Halifax. The message came from Halifax. The message came to the super, hear it reds as follows If Huntley wants to leave right away, place Mclntyre in charge temporary. So you see I am not sure wats going to happen. I dont think it would be advisable for you to write to Ottawa. However if I make up my mind to write I'll wire you and say. (Please write.) so you will un? derstand wat I mean. Well dear the Gov. supply boat was hear yesterday and landed 1200 bags of coal with other supply. I was up at the light the night be? fore and helped to land supplys yesterday and up last night again I and today my head is aching. So you will pleas excuse my poor letter. Good bye for now. With love from John A., St. Pauls Island Miss Margret Coady Big Lorraine, Cape Breton Oct 3rd 1921 Dearest Margret, Your letter came a few days ago. I was glad to hear from you. Once more your letter was short also. There is some excuse for me writing a short letter for there isnt much going on DELI & CAFE BAKERY.NATURAL FOODS around hear. But you must have some interesting experriances with all those kids. I am afraid I would be a poor teacher. I couldnt help teasing them and having them fighting whenever I could. Well Margret I am having a hard time housekeeping and cooking by day and up all night. But still they say I am getting fat Ha.Ha. How I wish I knew wat they ar going to do. I wouldent want to face a long winterr alone but if you ware hear with me I would be as happy as a lord. Mrs. McLead the superintendent's wife is aful good to me. She bakes all my bread and sends me anything nice they have them? selves. Besides I must have Sunday dinners with them. I am sending you a snap. I hoap you will like it. One of them was taken in Bay St. Lawrence on my way out hear and the other was taken on the stepps of the residence ware I worked before I came up hear. The other chap is a fellow named Brown. We have been chums since I came out hear. The girl is his fiance. They all have a girl someware. Well Margret dear I am going to try and get ashore soon to see you any way providing they will grant me leave of absence. So dear girl I will conclud for this time with much love from your loving John A., St. Pauls Island Dont kiss any of those fellows over there. Miss Margret Coady Sydney, Cape Breton July 20, 1922 BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS FOR LIFE For all your investment needs call: ScotiaMcLeod Inc. The Harwood Group 1709 Hollis Street 5'" Floor Box 2022, Stn. "M" Halifax, N.S. B3J 2Z1 Lee F. Harwood (902) 420-8715 Victoria A. Harwood (902) 420-6085 Toll Free: 1-800-491-1986 Dear Margret, I dont know how to begin this letter but I hoap you will under? stand and try and overlook my behavour last fall. I was aful sorry af? terwards and I shall never forgive myself because I dident go ahead but its myself that suffered. I was expecting to go ashore this fall and see you but chances ar I will be unable to go so I decided to write and ask you to come out hear. You could stay at the Superintendent's place and if you think you could live hear we could go in to Bay St. Lawrence and be mar- ryed. I am sure Father MacDonald would do anything he could for us. Of course if you visite your parish priest and toald him it would make things easyer for us. Father McDonald knows me hear and so I cant see any objections as far as that is conserned. And if you could come on the next steamer we could make the trip to the Bay in one of the fishing vessels before they leave other? wise we could use an open boat. Well dear I have so much to say that I am not going to try and tell you now but heaping you havent lost all your love for me and that you will pleas try and forgive me for last summer. If you could only know some of the reasons that I am sure you would think more kindly of me. Your last letter certainly hurt. Well Margret dear I will conclude for now heaping to see you on the next boat. Your loving John A., St. Pauls Island p.s. The Stella Maris owned by the Fer? guson Trading Co. calls at North Sydney and some times at Sydney. Time of sail? ing for St. Pauls unsertain. Usually I have to wat for a number of days at N.S. and watch for her. Sometimes they ar only a few hrs in port and a person is li? able to miss her unless of course you ar in a hotel ware they can ring you up. Miss Margret A. Coady Aug. 6th 1922 46 Atlantic Street, Sydney, Cape Breton Dear Margret.- If I could get away from hear now I would find a way to see you and make you listen. You didn't answer my letter, but I am still heaping you may relent and at least give me a chance to explain. Your broth? er [Levi] would understand. I can't help thinking that if you realy cared you would give me that chance
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