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> Issue 73 > Page 57 - Love Letters from St. Pauls Island

Page 57 - Love Letters from St. Pauls Island

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (151 reads)

less men have blood poison in his hand. They're sending for the Dr. I worked hard Saturday cleaned all the flors and fixed every thing up. I was at the cove Sunday and had a good dinner. Lots of spudds and hot dogs. Today is Munday and I slept till 2 o'clock. The churn is full of cream and the white crock is half full. I am not going to churn untill you come home. I met Sid [John's brother-in-law] in North Sydney, he is chief en? gineer on a steamer, some kind of a smuggler, I believe. Well honey I will say good bye for now. With love from your loving husband St. Pauls Island Sept. 11,1923 Dear wife. You will think I am crasy writing again so soon but the fact is I am very lonly. Havent seen any body today and the time seems so long. It seems like ages since you and the baby were hear. When I was alone before I rather enjoyed it but now I cant read or content myself at all. Jameison called up and they played the piano for me for a while and they wanted to hear the gramaphone so I sat it on the stove and played it for them until I was tired. The boys break one of the big records, Harry Lauders, and they put it in the bottom of the base and covered it up with papers. I cooked a pot full of potatoes to day and corn beef. I guess there will be enough for three or four days. I cant keep the cows away from the house now. I put a bell on the new cow and that other darn thing is in heat again and jumping and chasing her around day and night so I had to take the bell of her neck they made so much nois. I am counting the days untill you come home if the Stella gets hear from Newfoundland. It will be about the 21 or 22nd before you get home honey, it makes me sick to think of it. Well I'll know better the next time. You might as well have a good time for III never let you go again unless I go to. I find it hard getting up and no little wife to brighten things up. Well goodby for tonight dear. With love your loving husband. Sept 12, 1923 Dear Margaret, Another day and the boat dident get hear yet. It seems if she will never come back from N.F.L. i slept till 12 today and now it is 3 o'clock. I am all through in the house and going to the light house to clean things up there and get some wood. Jameison says he is comming up with me tonight but the weather dont look very promising and I doubt if he will come. I must try & churn some of the cream tomorrow. The churn and the white crock is full of cream and I havent a place to put any more. Our churn is to small. I was stuck for tobbacco you remember. I put it in your trunk and illlilJ:leli4IJJJ.U],lil]J:Uyy.l:liyjlAIIJJJilll4l!llim-!J.'' HYDRAULIC HOSES & COMPONENTS HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS MANUFACTURED & REBUILT • MACHINE SHOP & WELDING SERVICE • HYDRAULIC OIL RECONDITIONING • CHROME SHAFTING • HONDA POWER EQUIPMENT • HYDRAULIC VALVES PUMPS • MOTORS & MARINE SUPPLIES SALES - RENTALS - SERVICE ? '562-0631 OR FAX: 562-6985 era 803 GRAND LAKE RD., SYDNEY 562-1185 ' you have the keys so I had to take th hinges of it. I hoap you wont be cross. There are three new operators comming out to stay at the wireless station for good. You know these fel? lows hear ar only construction men. Well honey I hoap the boat will make a quick trip this time only for the ' way they will make a mess of every? thing I would go in to meet you. But I hoap Tobey will come down with you. Sept Well honey I dident mail this letter yet. Jameison arrived up last evening and he is heare yet. I am sending this letter to the office by him. We played crib all night. I suppose the boat will be along today and then it will be a long wate untill she comes back. Ill write again if I can. So goodbye for now honey. With lots of love. Your loving husband, St. Pauls Island "?'' John A. on the steps of the Main Station St. Paul's Island Mrs. John A. Mclntyre 27 Argyle St., Sydney August 19, 1924 Dearest Margret, How are you getting along? I hope you ar trying to have as good When you're c' ' in the '*'~' ' SU neighbourhood Drop by J for the K(?ltic Lodge invites you to drop by ?? >- by for a visit. We welcome you to enjoy our facilities, even if you're not planning to stay for the night. Explore our spacious grounds. Hike the Middle Head Trail and /' 'T I experience one of the most spec- vJ-d- y • • • tacular views that the Cabot Trail has to offer. Golf the challenge of Highlands Links. Then stop for a snack at The Inn '
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