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Page 61 - Love Letters from St. Pauls Island

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (152 reads)

and worn out. Sonnetimes it cant be helped but when you have the chance take as nnuch care of yourself as you can. You ware saying you would bring the organ out when you come but I think you better have it crated and leave it untill the regular sup? ply boat is comming out and we'll have them bring it along with any other furniture you may have in fact I think we have enough here. Its not as if we intended to stay a great many years. Of course honey this is only a suggestion. You use your own judgement and it will be all right with me. I would suggest you bring a few cups and saucers and a blanket or two and a couple of pans, one for washing our faces and another for washing dishes and a mixing boal. Thats about all I can think of now. Only Honey I am longing to have my arms around you and kiss and hug you. You ar going to go to sleep with my arms around you and let the light go hang. Now wat do you think of that. Now dear I will say good night and God keep you and the kiddies safe. From your loving husband, St. Pauls Island Jan 20, 1927 Hello Honey, Here I am again the boat dident get here yet, but the winds around to the north tonight and its likely she will be in tomorrow morning. They say its an ill wind that blows nobody good and its a true saying for it gives me a chance to write you again tonight. I was up at one this evening and had porrige for brakefast then 1 swept and cleaned upstairs and put clean sheets and pillow cases on the bed and by the time I had things tidyed up down stares and had potatoes on for supper it was lighting time. I had potatoes and a can of salmon for supper. It is ten o'clock now and I havent washed the supper dishes yet. That's pretty lazy aint it. But 1 had a good story to finish reading and now I have to write this letter. But I'll make one job of the dishes after lunch that will be about half past two in the morning. I have a dish full of nuts here and I wish you ware here to help me eat them. They ar aful good. Well honey I suppose you cant think of anything but the baby now. I would like to know if you ar nursing her on the brest. Honey do you remember when you ware weaning Margaret you had no brest pump the way we did. When 1 think of them days I get aful lonesome and I have to start working at some? thing to try and forget. But never mind dear the time is slipping away and we will be together again soon. Well honey it is half past one and I just finished lunch and cleaned up everything ready for tomorrow. I have porrige for brake- fast. The weather is keeping fine so the boat is liable to be here early in the morning. I have the table set ready for the morning and tea in the teapot. And the kitchen stove will be banked so all I will have to do in the morning before I go for the mail is sit down and eat. I must shave when I come back from the lighthouse at two o'clock then 111 have a nap untill five. After that I lay down till time to put out the light about quarter to eight. If I get my pay cheques and have time to remail them to you, HI endors them over to you and you can deposit them in the bank and in case you run short you can draw on it. Well honey I hoap you and the kiddies will be comfortable and warm and that you will not want for anything. You know if I thought you all comfey, I would be more contented and I am so glad you are with mother. Give her my love and if she takes good care of you III not forget her. How I would love to be gazing into your sweet blue eyes some? times I shut my eyes and imagine you ar home again and I hear you walking around the kitchen, but never mind time will slip away and then Honey we will love each other more than ever for being separate. From your loving husband., St. Pauls Island Mrs. J. A. Mclntyre 46 Atlantic Street, Sydney, Cape Breton August 23, 1929 the Island. She cryed and wimpered all night after you left. I think she must he missing the kiddyes. I was very nen/ous about you people after you left when it started to blow from the South. If you have any money to spare I would like to get those records on the list. Your voice sounded good overr the radio today. Love to yourself and the kiddyes. Your loving husband J.A. '' "That's the end of the letters [Peggy Macl? saac told us]. Just for the record, there were three children In our family • Sandy, Lily and myself (whose real name is Margaret but since I adopted the nick? name Peggy, it's the name my friends know me by). In 1931 we left St. Paul's Is? land and moved to the mainland, to the lighthouse at Flat Point at the entrance of Sydney Harbour. ' . . ... The purpose of the P'gSV Maclntyre Maclsaac move was to allow us children to be socialized, i.e., to get to know and learn how to get along with other children. My mother had been teaching us at St. Paul's so we had no trouble adjusting academically to our new way of life, but adjusting socially was another matter. "My father died in 1952 and my mother died in 1971. Sandy joined the army and was killed in a training acci? dent in 1946. Lily joined the convent, the Sisters of Notre Dame, and spent most of her years teaching in Cape Bre? ton, but now lives in Alberta. By the way, when my broth? er • who worked with my father as Assistant Lightkeeper • joined the army in 1944,1 had just finished high school, so I took over his job a the lighthouse and worked with my fa? ther for about a year and a half, when he took a heart attack and had to retire." Dear Margret, Just a note to let you know I am getting along fine the boys ar up quite often latly. Nearly every night there is somebody hear. The new people ar very nice. Mr. Cameron and Freddy ar hear tonight and I am sending this down by them. Jenney wont stay home since you left. She is roaming all over Our thanks to Peggy Maclntyre Maclsaac for allowing us to pub? lish these rare letters. Peggy was born in Sydney, August 7, 1924, at St. Rita's Hos? pital. After her stint as Assistant Lightkeeper, she took a secretarial course at Mount Saint Bernard. She ran a flower shop, and then I went to work as secre-: tary for four different Directors of the Exten- sion Department, Saint Francis Xavier Univer sity, Antigonish. Whitney Pierj Festival off he Visual ArtsI invites you to Celebrate the Arts September 14-20,1998 Parades Horsedrawn Carriages Nature Tours Architectural Tour Storytelling Photography Multimedia] Ice Sculpture Ukrainian Eggs Jazz Blues Gospel Dance COME & ENJOY... -A JURIED ART SHOW • WORKSHOPS IN THE CREATIVE DISCIPLINES • NIGHTLY ENTERTAINMENT • FAMILY DAY • TOURS AND SO MUCH MORE! in Whitney Pier Sydney, N. S.
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