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Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (289 reads)

The Cape Breton Catalogue Is on the Web! And you can always order the old way: PHONE • FAX • MAIL f THI g' Last Gael X WINNER A Welcome IVIaritime Voice! /cjCB RADI0 SHIMMERING BETWEEN exuberant good I Breton Book I humour and almost unremitting darkness, V of the / *'' stories in The Last Gael reflect ele- ' Year • ments of life in Cape Breton Island, where ''>*?.__-.''' the traditional and the urban not only coexist but engage one another, often at war in the single I person or event. This struggle stays alive right through the book, I becoming startlingly funny and painful in "The Butchering" and • devastating in the final story, "The Last Gael." Ellison Robertson is a painter and writer from Sydney Mines. " His stories have plot, meaning, acute observation • and they are told with quiet, accomplished grace. "If you're going to read this collection all at onoe then you better pour yourself a drink right now, and make it a strong one, because you may either need : it or want it after you're finished.... The Last Gael I and Other Stories is a worthy read and especially I attractive to readers with an interest in place, lan- 120 pages • 11 stories • $1 2.95 QUage and culture." • Paul MacDougall, shunpil on CD and CASSETTE TAPE J BEAUTIFUL, EX? CITING MUSIC from a family that has kept the clas? sic Cape Breton repertoire alive. Children of legen? dary fiddler Big Ronald MacLel? lan, The MacLel- ?,. Ian Trio • 'Theresa and Donald, vio? lins; Marie playing '*- ?? piano • deliver superb dance music that makes great listening. Digitally re? mastered from the'original Celtic studio recordings. 65 TUNES • OVER 70 MINUTES OF MUSIC COMPACT DISC $19.95 • CASSETTE TAPE $11.95 The Seven- Headed BeastI and Other " Acadian Tales from Cape Breton Island aa rci An Apology You will have noticed that Part 2 of ' "The Sea Riders" is not included in jj this issue, despite we've gone to a | record 108 pages. Part 2 will in? clude the rest of the story of the 1923 movie, plus in? formation about Wallace MacDonald, the man behind the Maritime Motion Picture Company. You can look for Part 2 in the next issue of Cape Breton's Magazine. COLLECTED IN CHETICAMP, this is the first book of Acadian tales in English. Told at wakes and wed? dings and kitchen rackets, these are raw, saucy tales of ridiculed kings, powerful women, and outra? geous creatures. Fr. Anselme Chi? asson collected them; Rosie Au? coin Grace's translation keeps them alive, startling, horrifying! "A window upon a most enduring narrative tradition, a wondrous glimpse into the magical world of two fasci? nating raconteurs." • Robert Rodriguez The Seven-Headed Beast 190 pages • $12.95 TOTAL OF BOOKS: | ($ value of Books ordered) i TOTAL OF OTHER ITEMS: ($ value of Videos, CDs, Tapes, and/or Subscriptions ordered) 7% G.S.T. on Books Only AND 15% H.S.T. on All Other Items. 7% G.S.T. on All Items. SHIPPING INSIDE CANADA: Add $4.50 for the first item, then add $1.50 for each additional item. OUTSIDE CANADA: Add $6.00 for the first item, then add $4.00 for each additional item. TOTAL: Postal Code: Phone: DviSA mastercard Enclosed Send with cheque, money order, or credit card # and expiry date to: Cape Breton's MAGAZINE WRECK COVE NOVASCOTIA Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson • Natalie White JUNE 1998
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