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Page 73 - A Rare Acadian Religious Song

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (142 reads)

him, that monk. So then she told him, "I'm your daughter." But she said, "I'm going to die. It will be in a few days. You never tell. Tell all the monks never to touch my body. Only you, when I die. To clean my body. Only you. Dad. You do it. But nobody else." And she's considered a saint. She passed all her life like this. Because (her par? ents) had no child, and they were praying at the monastery there. And finally they had the baby, and they said, "We conse? crate that baby to God." In the meantime, the mother died, and it's only at the age of eighteen that the father said, "Now is the time to get her married." So he had everything prepared for the marriage. When she heard about that she said, "I will hide myself." She shaved her head, put on --not the habit of the monks, but the (clothes of the) ordinary man--and went to the monastery and asked to be accepted as a monk. She made her novitiate and every? thing. But the monks, seeing that beauti? ful monk there, it was a temptation for them. That's why, after, it was not long (before) the superior told the girl, "You'll be in a private cell." (And she's a saint?) Yes. (When would this story be sung? Would it be sing in church?) No, it was only in the families. (So, these were religious songs, and they were sung in A I'Honneur de Sainte Euphrosine, Vierge, Sous un Habit Religieux Sur Tair: "Depuls le temps qu'en secret je vous aime" Tout lui sue - oMe et rien ne I'em - bar - ras - se, the home.) Yes. (They were not part of the church service.) No, no, never, never.... So, I'm enjoying myself. And nobody knows about these, nobody else knows about those melodies, only the family here.... A I'Honneur de Sainte Euphrosine, Vierge, Sous un Habit Religieux 1 L'liomme peut tout lorsque Dieu, par sa grace, Forme et conduit ses genereux desseins. Tout lui succede et rien ne i'embarrasse, II marche alors au pas des plus grands saints. Nous I'allons voir au projet glorieux Dont Euphrosine etonna tous les cieux; Elle eut courage, Dans son jeune age, De s'habiller comme un religieux.... FRENCH CONTINUES ON PAGE 74 In Honour of Saint Euphrosine, Virgin, in a Monk's Habit 1 Man is all-powerful when God, by favour, Forms and directs his generous plans. Everything is achieved and nothing bothers him; He then walks along with the greatest saints. We shall understand it through the glorious plan By which Euphrosine stunned all heavens: She had the courage In her young age, To dress as a monk.... ENGLISH CONTINUES ON PAGE 75 J .UNITED FARMERS CO"OP 'CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED ~ Bird feeders, sunflower seed, wild bird seed - Pet supplies, i.e., collars, leads, pet taxi & much more ~ Pet food (Propet, Big Red, Technical, lams, Firstmate) ~ Garden & farm tools, hay, straw, shavings & much more ~ Good selection of work wear ~ Wheelbarrows, lawn mowers, rototillers, lime, fertilizer, grass seed, etc. VISA • MASTERCARD • INTERAC 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday-Saturday 564-8134 • 502 Keltic Drive, Sydney, N.S. 81P 6H3 j "The Inn with the View" 'n 'Duck Cove Irux CANADA SELEQ B iminal On the Cabot Trail Margaree Harbour Nova Scotia BOE 280 Phone (902) 235-2658 1-800-565-9993 Fax (902) 235-2592
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