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> Issue 73 > Page 85 - Donnie MacDermid of Margaree Valley: "It could have been worse!"

Page 85 - Donnie MacDermid of Margaree Valley: "It could have been worse!"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (200 reads)

here on the backside of this side, chop? ping it. And we just started chopping pretty good when this damn thing made a crashing of limbs, so I thought it was com? ing down on me. That's the thing you think of. So, it was just more of an un? conscious reaction. You make a yell and run for the only opening you see, while he's swinging the axe. And that's when I went by. His axe just got it in the air as I was going by. Took her right off at the wrist joint. The first thing I saw when I picked the arm up was the joint sticking out. (So it was his axe.) It was his axe, yeah. It wasn't his fault, by no means. It was mine. More mine than his. I should have run the other side of that tree and back on my own side where I was chopping out. But of course, there's nothing that bad that it couldn't be worse. If I had been a couple of steps further ahead, while his axe was still higher in the swing, it could've caught me in the chest or anywhere's. And I grant you, it would have Just one of Donnie's planes • he built and flew the Scamp 1 in 1985. He flew 156 hours in this plane. went through wherever it hit. So, it's never that bad where it could be worse. (What did you do? It was cut off complete? ly, right there.) Yeah, right off, right there. Right off completely. And I seen this red streak of something. I looked back and the tree was still up, and I seen this red streak of something out in the snow, from my feet. And then I stopped to La Cooperative de Cheticamp Complete Line of Groceries Meats - Poultry - Dairy Products Produce - Deli - Bakery Camping Supplies - Hardware MON-WED: 9 AM to 5 PM THUR-FRI: 9 AM - 9 PM • SAT 9 AM - 5 PM OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK (902) 224-3800 Maurice & Simone Poirier ~ Local Books ~ Series Books ~ Self-Help Books ~ Religion ~ Cook Books ~ Good assortment HOOKED RUGS of French Books Souvenirs - T-Shirts & Sweatshirts Dr. Elizabeth LeFort Gallery & Museum INFORMATION CENTRE n Museum of Marguerite n Featuring magnificent Dr. Elizabeth LeFort tapestries BUS TOURS WELCOME Gallant's fine collection of artifacts ADMISSION: CHARGED CHETIC'yVIP, m • PHOHE iBOZ} 2Z'Z$4Z * FAX 224-157$ • OPEN EVERY DAY: 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. • '_"-:-ks'aifc'. _' Country • Bluegrass • Rock • Folk Fiddle and Newfoundland Music Largest Atlantic Region iVIusic selection in Eastern Canada. Tap your toe to Cape Breton & Newfoundland Fiddle, Accordion & Folk Music, & "Down East" Presentations. Write or ask for our list of Newfoundland & Maritime Music. ~ Available by Mail Order ~ 2 miles south of CHETICAMP, on the Cabot Trail P.O.Box 516, Cheticamp, NS BOE 1HO • Ph: (902)224-3782 Cooperative Artisanale XWTy Acadian Restaurant/ Acadian Museum V p. O. Box 98, Cheticamp, NS BOE IHO (902) 224-2170 Experience Acadian Traditions • Featuring the world famous Cheticamp hand-hooked rugs • Local crafts and souvenirs for all tastes • Taste and enjoy various Acadian foods in our Licensed Dining Room: Chicken Fricot • Meat Pies • Chowder & Fish Dishes • Homemade Dessert • Recommended in Where to Eat in Canada; member Taste of Nova Scotia • Visit our Acadian Museum • Hooking, spinning & weaving demonstrations • Open every day to welcome you, May 1st - October 31st ...Our Home'Cheticamp!
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