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Back Cover - Photo: In this Issue

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1998/6/1 (135 reads)

r H''-v; In This Issue ?? ?? ?? Top row, left to right: Alma MacDonald, West Mabou (page 11); Clarence Barrett, Highlands National Park (inside front cover); Donnie MacDermid, Margaree Valley (page 79). Second row: Alex Currie, Frenchvale (29); Fr. Da? niel Boudreau, Cheticamp (72); Capt. and Mrs. Michael Tobin, North Sydney (1); Fr. Jimmy Tompkins, Reserve Mines (62). Far left: Sheldon Currie, writer (25); drawing from Baboushka and the Three Kings in Gaelic (70). Bottom left: John A. Maclntyre, St. Paul's Island (47). Below: M.V. William Carson, the first car ferry on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and one of the world's first ships to handle cargo in sealed weather-tight containers. Capt. Tobin brought her into service from Sweden in 1955 and stayed with her till he went on the Leif Eiriksson in 1966. The William Carson fought ice floes for 22 years, before she sank en route to Labrador on June 2,1977. Evacuating the ship went so smoothly • the crew was so well-trained • it is said that no one even got their feet wet!
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