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Page 13 - Memories of Lillian Crewe Walsh

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1 (630 reads)

to Newfoundland. Because she was so well known and had written this poem about New? foundland. But she never went. She lived with me for three months. Aunt Lilly did. Because she was in the hospital. And when she was allowed to come home, I went over • my husband and I, Nelson and I • and we said, "Now you're not going home; you're coming with us." And oh, she wanted to go home, of course, but she had no other choice than to come with me. She couldn't look after herself. So she stayed with me for three months, and oh, look, it was just a joy to have her. But she had her own home and she wanted to go in her own home. She quilted and did fancy work. You know, you've seen her mat • it's in the library • have you? There's another mat in the Coun? cil Room in Glace Bay that she made, of John Cabot, the landing of John Cabot. Oh, a beautiful mat. She had a Bessie 1/Sa.cKay that really drew that ship. And she then hooked--all wool yam. (When did Aunt Lilly die?) She was about 86 when she died. I often wish, when I go up to Brodie Avenue, I often wish that I still could go in and sit with Aunt Lilly. Because you never went into Aunt Lil's house but she--she was never too busy. She always seemed to be through with her work. You know? And she'd always say to • this is what Audrey and I used to get a kick out of--she'd say, "Now which one of my nieces Back row, from left: Myra Atwood Crewe (MacDonald), Phene Crewe, Sadie Crewe MacDonald. Front row: Lillian Crewe Nash Walsh, Elizabeth Crewe (mother of the girls), and Eva Crewe Dowling. They had one brother, Frank. Ruth Beaton: I have a picture of the whole family. The mother is in the pic? ture with all her daughters. Oh, and Aunt Lil is the most beautiful of all of them. Although we never thought of Aunt Lilly as beautiful when she was younger. No, we always thought that Aunt Lil really missed the boat when it came to looks. And yet, she turned out to be the nicest looking, you know. Oh, everybody loved Aunt Lilly, I think. are going to make me a cup of tea today?" And Audrey and I used to look at each oth? er, and we'd go out in the kitchen and make the tea. And Aunt Lilly used to love for us to go out and make a cup of tea. She was a wonderful person. And another thing. You remember Charlie MacKinnon, the singer? He died. Now that man used to go to Aunt Lilly, him and his wife. And she would give him any poem or FOR THE MARITIME- OF-YOUR-LIFE MAKE IT THE SHERATON CASINOS HALIFAX AND SYDNEY! From Sydney to Halifax, the Sheraton Casinos Nova Scotia provide the best entertainment, shore to shore! Join us at Canada's Friendliest Casinos for all your favorite casino games! Have a ball at Roulette! Hit the deck with Blackjack! Make it a jackpot of fun at the slots and more! Whatever way you play, you'll smile away a winner! FRIENDLIEST CASINOS! BRING THIS AD TO THE PROMOTIONS BOOTH FOR A MILLION DOLLAR SLOT PULL TOKEN! 13
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