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Page 17 - Memories of Lillian Crewe Walsh

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1 (546 reads)

called her and she said, "Aunt Lilly, have you got that blue sweater on?" And she could see Aunt Lilly practically look down, you know. And she: "Now, Audrey told you never to wear that sweater again, it's ragged!" You know, she could practically see Aunt Lil look down at the sweater on her! We never neglected our aunts at all; we never did. It was something that you did, perhaps once a week at least, you know. We enjoyed them. Aunt Eve, another sister, would come up from Neil's Harbour. And they were as different as chocolate like cheese. Aunt Eve was very • oh, she'd get her checjues and she wasn't content till they were all spent. But Aunt Lil was • one day (Aunt Eve said): "You know, Lilly is tight!" {Laughs,) And it wouldn't be that she would be at all; she Just looked after her money. There's some different things we used to laugh at in the Newfoundland way, you know. (Would Aunt Lillian sing for you?) No. Not really. Only in fun. You know, she would probably mimic somebody. And you know, she could go up the street, as she called it • "up the street" was only from Brodie Avenue across to Commercial. And she'd have somebody come down to the house with her, and probably give them (one of her own books of poems). Not sell them a book. She would likely, "Now, I'm going to give you one of my books." You know, this is the way she was. And it could be a stranger. But she was that type, she was very--I know sometimes we thought she was a little much. Because one time--l don't know if you're getting a kick out of this, but things are coming to me. We were in Thompson Suther? land's, where my husband works. And Ruth SENIORS! SMT and ACADIAN LINES are there for you! We offer senior citizens the easy ride at 25 % Or r our regular fares anywhere in New Brunswick • Nova Scotia • P.E.I. (for seniors aged 60 years or over) CHARTERS If your group would like to reserve a coach for a charter, please call us at Nova Charter Services in Halifax: 454-8767 or toll free 1-800-688-5353 SMT and ACADIAN LINES the way to go ... try it! Cape Breton's Winter Port A citizen from Sydney came out to see our town, And as the Harbour came in view on his face th're came a frown When he saw the haibour open, he said, "Well, I declare! If Sydney harbour is frozen up, why, Louisbourg is clear." He looked out o'er Green Island • saw the "Louisbourg" and "WPbu." And anchored in the stream was the "Isleworth" and the "Coban." The "Cacouna" and the "Lingan" he saw loading at the Pier, And Sydney harbour firozen up, and Louisbourg harbour clear. The steamer from old Newfoundland came steaming o'er the blue. The ice so thick in Sydney, they could not push h?? through. So they turned her nose sou'westeily, and for Louisbourg did se&. And landed all her passengers in the port that's always clear. I have a plan for Sydney, I think it would be nice If they would build a diy dock thoe, but build it on the ice; And then, when summer time would go, and winter's cold appear They could take it out to Louisbourg, for it is always clear. If the big dry dock contractors could only get a gUmpse At Sydney in the winter time, they would use their common sense. And if Cape Breton gets the dry dock they will surely put it here. For Sydney harbour's frozen up for three months of the year. Oh, Louisbourg in the winter time, it is a gay old place. You never see a solemn look, there's a smile on every face; For there's bricks and rails from Sydney, double shift upon the Pia", When Sydney harbour is frozen up and Louisbourg is clear. But Sydney in the winter time is one of the best of places. For out upon the harbour ice they have all swts of races With automobiles and horses they can go from pi?? to pier • When Sydney harbour is frozen up and Louisbourg is clear. and I went in. And she said, "Well, am I meeting my two nieces, Audrey and Ruth?" We could have crawled in the copper boil- r'' festMl ANTIGONISH Summer T h e a t r e Main Stage Series Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie The Foursome by Norm Foster Sylvia by A.R.Gurney Marion Bridge by Daniel Maclvor(a presentation of Mulgrave Road Theatre) Late Night Series Triptych a presentation of Sound Image Theatre The Anchoress Brangena by Wanda Grahann The Ecstacy of Bedridden Red Riding Hood by Bryden IVlacDonald "A Play on Words" Playwright Reading Series June 30 to September 4,1999 Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre Call: 1-800-563-PLAy 175291 17
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