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> Issue 74 > Page 42 - The Sinking of the Patrick Morris - One Sailor's Day

Page 42 - The Sinking of the Patrick Morris - One Sailor's Day

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1 (640 reads)

Destination Seafood {listing to one side). So we got in the boat emd ziaturally we couldn't get away from the ship, you know. She was coming in on top of us. We were in under and she was coming in over on top of us. An awful feeling. So after a while then, one of the engineers was steuiding on the deck of her aind he was holding onto the rail. He was looking right down in the boat at us. All he had to do was just let the railing go and fall right in the boat. Well, I guess he thought to himself, "They're not going to make it," I guess; you know, "Why go there?" So I guess he decided to stay. But he never had no time to make his mind up about what he was going to do because the sea made it up for him. 'Cause you never had no time to think idiat you were going to do. No time whatsoever. You knew that BELL BUOY RESTAURANT BKMeck, N.S. 295.25S1 Smoke-Free Environment U Blue Heron Gift Shop ??' Books • Glassware • Figurines • Woodenware Crystal • Cassette Tapes • CD's • Videos Gifts for All Occasions BADDECK • Toll Free 1-888-919-4488 • 295-3424 MACAULAY'S FORD MERCURY SALES LIMITED BADDECK • 295-2500 SALES - PARTS SERVICE - LEASING < Vehicle Rentals P" Your Complete Garden Centre Hardy Plants and Shrubs * 295-2858 HOME OF HORTICULTURAL SCHOOL ON WHEELS * Specializing in custom Landscape Design courses to suit your needs. Serving Do-it-yourself Landscaping OPEN DAILY • Drop in or Phone 295-2858 • Don Nicholson Your Teaching and Training Partner (life)boat was there • go for it. That's the only chance you got. 'Cause, you know, you're not going to do nothing on tbaJxLg one, so you got to try and get in that small one. But the lifeboat we were in, she was a great boat, I must say. (How many men in the lifeboat?) Forty-seven. The lifeboat was good for sixty-two, I think it is. It accommodates sixty-two. And there were forty-seven. We lost four men. We lost the captain, second engineer, third engineer, and the chief engineer. (What kept them from get? ting in the lifeboat?) Well, I think the second engineer • I think he was caught be? low. The chief had the life raft up, this was up in the air now, which I thought, you know, in a time like this you're not stopping to think • so instead of him get? ting in the life raft and then pulling the cord, he would have been in the life raft when she did hit the water. But I think what he did was he pulled the cord and let _ the life raft go, and he was going to go for it. But I mean, once the life raft hit the water, that was gone like a flash. The min? ute it hit the water it was gone. So I guess he must have Glenda walks me three times a day! A subtle hint to my owners' While you're away, I need full-time love and exercise. Briarhill Kennels gives me all that and more! When I board ivith Glenda I'm never bored!! And she even takes cats!!! Vaccination certificate required. ?? 4 years exp. as a vet assistant • dog-grooming by appt. • high quality petfood such as Techni-Cal individual attention Yellow Cello Cafe BADDECK, NOVA SCOTIA Great Food at Great Prices ~ WATERFRONT VIEW ~ OPEN DAILY for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Heavenly Angels & Glass Creations Gift Shop & Stained Glass Studio OPEN YEAR ROUND CaU Toll Free 1-888-AN-ANGEL (1-888-262-6435) Visit our gift shop and see our large selection of Angels, Stained Glass, Blown Glass, Stained Glass Supplies, Nova Scotia Crystal. For collectors we carry Teddy Angels and the Seraphim Classics. We are proud to feature a large selection of handcrafted items created by local artists. Chebucto Place, 503 Chebucto St., Baddeck, NS • 295-1999 www.CapeBfetoNet.coni/Baddeck/HeavenlyAngels/ Welcome to Baddeck ... 42
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