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Page 53 - A Visit With the MacLeods at Belfry

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1 (190 reads)

Ranald; Did you have storytellers out around here or what kind of stories did you ? Jimmy; Oh, there was quite a good storyteller. There was an old Maclntyre • old Dan Maclntyre and Lauchie MacDonald. Lena; Yes, he'd start to tell a story. He smoked a pipe, you know, and he had those long pieces of wood that he'd cut off just for lighting the pipe, that he'd put in the Water? loo stove. So he'd sit down in front of the Waterloo and he'd start to tell this story. And he'd put the wood stick in the fire to get the match to light his pipe. And he'd go get his pipe and he'd light it emd put it down. He'd be telling the story. That's the only puff he ever took out of it. By the time he went to take another puff, the light would be out again. Jimmy; He'd have to light it again. Flora; Western Dan, wasn't he good at telling stories? Jimmy; Yeah. Well, he was out west there emd the stories he told, you couldn't believe them though. Flora; And your Uncle Dan Jim Sampson Motors 132 TOWNSEND STREET, SYDNEY, N.S. YOUR VOLKSWAGEN FULL PARTS & SERVICE AUTHORIZED DEALER 539-1610 PHONING LONG DISTANCE CALL TOLL FREE .. . 1-800-349-1610 was terrific at telling sto? ries. Oh, I remember going over to visit just to hear your Uncle Dan tell stories. Ranald; What kind of stories did they tell? Flora; Well, he sailed a lot. Jimmy; Oh, anything that would • stories eJbout different people around here. Lena; I remember one time, he told a story about when he was out west and they planted potatoes. When it came time to dig potatoes, they carried them into their cellar and piled them up but the potatoes were so big, they piled them up like wood. Jimmy; And there's Western Dem Lena; Western Dan, that's the guy. Jummy; Western Dan, he was out west. There were an awful lot of geese out on the prairies, you know, in the wheat fields. And he went out there one night. He went to shoot some geese. He took a doxible-barreled shotgun and he went out. Oh, he fired and down they come. He never came home that night, the man. So they went next day, they went looking for him. Couldn't find him. They saw this pile • pile of birds out in the field. They went out and spotted geese on the field. They started digging the pile out. Here he was xm- demeath the pile. 'U-Of'eOf'a' "Lite Is What You Make It!" • the ioth anniversary CELEBRATING THE International Year of Older Persons July 16 and 17,1999 World Trade & Convention Centre and the Halifax Metro Centre Tickets will be available mid-June at participating Sobeys Stores, or at the door. July 16, Opening Dance: $10/person • $18 for 2 people I July 16, All attractions: $10/person • $18 for 2-day pass |july 17, All attractions: $10/person • $18 for 2-day pass (AT THE DOOR: $11.00 and $20.00) Nova Scotia "%ra' Senior Citizens' ''' Secretariat Friday, July 16: DON HARRON and CATHERINE McKINNON plus assorted entertainment! DANCE AT 8 P.M. TO STADACONA SEA JAM BLUES BAND P JOHN SANDS THE MEN OF THE DEEPS and THE NEW CARLTON SHOWBAND plus assorted entertainment! Saturday, July 17: Exhibits • Educational Seminars Pete Luclcett "Chop 'n' Chat" Coolcing/Nutrition/Fitness Demos Travel Salon/Presentation Seniors' Art and Photo Galleries Arts/Crafts/Hobbies Demos IVIarjorie Willison "Gardening' Senior Volunteer of the Year sponsored by: SmithKhne Beecham Pharma . >bbey/' asure • ? THE CHRONICLE-HERALD The Mail-Star THE Sunday Herald Canada's Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies V. /"tj r pv"N Les compagnies de recherche -'/'"'y pharmaceutique du Canada CBC # AIR CANADA Medical airNoVQ Society *"??*??*' • '*? of Nova Scotia Official Airline For more information: Seniors' EXPO at (902) 424-7957 or toll free 1-800-670-0065 or fax (902) 424-0561 53
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