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Page 64 - Cape Breton's Magazine CENTRE for Documentary Field Studies: Yvonne McInnes Sturgess, in Waipu

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1 (265 reads)

and rested. I would think that it's highly likely that what these people told Ms. Malloy is quite true, that many women did go up and car? ry sewing machines on their backs. It's nothing surprising, because you go back to the book written in Nova Scotia by that chap Lamb {The Hidden Heritage: Buried Romance at St. Ann's. Nova Scotia by James B. Lamb, 1975), who I enjoy very much, or perhaps it's in the other book, the more novelish type. Watch? man Against the World (by Flora McPherson, 1962; reprinted, 1993). And those women, or their mothers, I think it was seven miles there and back to the grist mill in Nova Scotia. So they had on their backs the grain, and they walked up there in the Slim? mer and the spring, certainly not in the winter. And they were backward and forward until they had a supply of grain all ready for the winter. And they carried that.... To walk long distances and to carry things Catherine McLean. 1824-1910. Daughter of Donald. Passenger on the Highland Lass. Married Roderick Finlayson. ?? ?? ?? ??']'J''IHM'M?i'IMsI!!fea ?? ?? Wl WATCH FOR: | • Legend Car Atlantic Tour , Aug. 21/99' • TNT Monster Truck Challenge -Aug. 1/99 • Demolition Derbies • Children's Race Car Day Tu -J o* * o c> -* &MUCHMORE; Thunder Street & Sportsman STOCK CAR RACING ' f MAY / JUNE / SEPTEMBER • SUNDAY at 2' - SATURDAY at 6 J SYDNEY-GLACE BAY HIGHWAY ? 564-5464 ?? office 562-2921 H Simeon's Family Restaurant 581 Grand Lake Road, Sydney 562-0251 We Feature: • Full Course Meals • Fresh Seafood • Steaks • Chops • Ethnic Dishes • Homemade Pies Baked Fresh Daily H'''IBI'''Q''''HI FULLY LICENSED We feature the same great food as always & we have new large Banquet Facilities & Lounge • Larger Non-Smoking Area • was quite normal. I mean, they walked from • when they built the church at the Heads • they walked from Kariohoura right down to the Heads. But of course they would probably only have church once a month. The Reverend Norman (McLeod) didn't get across to preach over there every week. In the Highleuids (of Scotland) you only had the church in the summer • that is, except for the generations ahead of the immigrants--because there wasn't the size of buildings to hold people. So baptisms and those wonderful paintings and early photographs of the spring when they would have a whole week of church, and the marriages. Sometimes they would have church weddings after they had been married at the crofts. And catechisms and joining the church and revival and preaching. There's quite a few things in speaking about them (the Cape Breton pioneers to New Zealand), that I don't really know if we're wise to speak about them, because-- are we doing them justice? But I feel in my soul that nothing in New Zealand's his? tory compares, simply because the early days of the (other) New Zealanders were settled either by paying your own fare with the Dutch East India Company in com? ing out, or coming out as an assistant im? migrant, or coming from Australia for the gold rush. But these (Cape Bretoners) were the first people that provided their own ships, and own crew. You know, their own teachers on board, their own doctor on board, with their own medicine.... When I was in Nova Scotia, at St. Ann's, and looking down, I thought • I'm thinking particularly of Mclzines; he had sent his sons off on the ship • they were related to the Reverend Norman • so the boys, the sons of Norman and these ones were second cou? sins. They were related to the McLeods and they also were Normanites. Now you see, this was the difference. You had the Norma? nites, who were adherents, who considered their leader to be the Reverend Norman. Many of the master mariners (who went) didn't. They were mariners in their own right and sea captains in their own right. SUPERIOR FENCING LTD: Commercial Residential Industrial INSTALLATIONS and REPAIRS Chain Link Fencing Custom Decks Wooden Fencing Retaining Walls FULLY GUARANTEED Locally Owned & Operated 539-2027 AFFORDABLE QUALITY WORKMANSHIP 64
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