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Page 66 - Cape Breton's Magazine CENTRE for Documentary Field Studies: Yvonne McInnes Sturgess, in Waipu

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1 (236 reads)

and the McBains, about (coming in) the Hercules, and it says there in the entry of the family, it said "destitute." Poor. Accepted these people from Lewis because there was a shortfall. Because other peo? ple that were booked to come a bit later, came via Australia and with the British settlement, colonial settlement. It said "poor." "Accept them to fill in the gap," and also the fact that there were five strong-looking girls. So they were think? ing of settling Australia with these immi? grants that they had made their lives mis? erable in the Highlands. Instead of living in stone crofts like that, they were liv- Iing in hov? els down on the edge of the water. So then I looked and it said in the next chapter, it said, "De? gree of ed? ucation: illiterate • unable to read or write." And then under? neath, "Speak Gaelic flu? ently, and read it well." Una? ble to read or write L'Arche Cape Breton Tlie Ark L'Arche Cape Breton is an exciting com? munity for mentally challenged people and those who choose to share life with them. Drop by our store THE ARK - new books and crafts - used books and clothing THE ARK exit 4 on the Trans-Canada L'Arche Cape Breton Whycocomagh, N. S. BOE 3M0 (902) 756-3162 [email protected] Visit our website: Serving homes and businesses throughout Cape Breton Island Distributing the White ''''H' ''Hil'''' ''' '''' Maple Leaf Products of ENERGY FUELS PROUD TO BE A LONGTIME SUPPORTER jCongratulatlonsI for over 25 Years of Unique Publishing says the English naval ship, in use to transport these people just to get some money from them, and then take it up to Hong Kong where it was to be used as a hospital ship. But there it said "illit? erate," you know, then says "can read and write in the Gaelic." And I think we did a lit? tle bit of that here in New Zealand. You were on? ly literate if you could fif/"'.'! P/*?''?r5'''"l 1 ? -1 • n- 1833-1921. Son of Roderick, speak English. Passenger on the Gertrude. Married Annie McKay. I think that there was no room (for Gaelic). I think that New Zea? land quickly used (English), unlike in the Highlands where Gaelic would have been used in the post office, you know what I mean. Or in the community other than in the church. You would have that in the homes, and you would have it in the church. But then I think, by the time you got to the social life, which I think probably would have started about the '70s (1870s)--dances and the parties and the gatherings • you were into the next genera? tion. My mother and father spoke Gaelic. Vty greucidfather wouldn't have anything but Gaelic in the house. Now, they had the Gaelic Sunday. They didn't come down to church. He read the Gaelic Bible. He (jues- tioned the children, and this is well re? corded, because the children were not al? lowed to go out and pick fruit on a Sunday. It was nothing strange to me be? cause I knew practically that same Sabbath in Davenport. The next gener? ation down. You had the book to read, and the money was all prepared for your collection, and the food was all prepared and they had their Gaelic readings of the Bible. And my grand? father continued that. So though he never spoke Gaelic when I was a child, we had Gaelic singing. So for us it stayed with song, he would read the Bible to us, and to keep us quiet on a Sunday. Because Sunday is still a day of rest to me. 38 Lewis Drive Sydney River 539-6444 FURNACE OIL • STOVE OIL • DIESEL • GAS • LUBRICANTS One Stop Insurance ''Itei* We can meet all Ratchford y'j'''ce needs with INSURANCE BROKERS LTD. n . i proiessional 794-8000 |? ff' local staff. i 562-2578 toll free:1-800-909-0994 180 COMMERCIAL ST., P.O. BOX 280, NORTH SYDNEY, N.S. B2A 3M3
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