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Page 70 - Cape Breton's Magazine CENTRE for Documentary Field Studies: Yvonne McInnes Sturgess, in Waipu

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1 (192 reads)

Kate McMillan. 1855-1887. Daughter of Angus. Passenger on the Ellen Lewis. Married An? drew Craig. the last five weeks. And he would just preach from his bed while being held up lay Morrison. They came. And that's record? ed. You can't say that the man wasn't the chief. And he wasn't the chief in as much as he was a millionaire, or a suc? cessful businessman, or a successful sea cap? tain, or owner of a shipping contpany. He was a leader of men. I don't know. I only know that my people would never hear a word against him. And that is because, if you've got a leader, you can't afford to have a word against him. I mean, if you put all your faith and trust in a group of people • and he was definitely the leader of the mi? gration of the ships, getting it together • he may not have been the hands- B & R HERITAGE ENTERPRISES presenting Cape Breton's Gaelic Tradition including 'tant nam 'ard The rtaknroftik (Bards featuring Margo Carruthcrs ON CD AND CASSETTE also Gaelic Teaching Tapes & Programs BRIAN & ROSEMARY MCCORMACK P.O. Box 3, lona, Nova Scotia BOA ILO PHONE/FAX 902 725 2013 on man but I don't think that you would have had those ships built in Nova Scotia and come on down here unless you had--you would have possibly been able to pay your fare • but to have had a concerted community, I don't know of anybody else that would have led them all. except a leader v'o was held as the chief. And that's referred to time and time again. I mean, he only lived for ten years here (in New Zealand), but he lived for thirty , years at St. Ann's. I have based a lot of my strength of feeling about him on what I have read from the stories and what I have experienced in St. Ann's myself. And also, I will admit, that (while) I was visiting there, there was the feeling that he walked away with material that they had all contributed to • the land that they had all helped with and built, although it was registered in his name, and the buildings that they built--the church and the manse • that it wasn't fair that it came on down here. "It was not fair." Now. I've heard that, I've heard that from our own kins- people that stayed behind. I think it would have been fair, because had the Mar? garet not been sold, anybody that wanted to come would have been able to come. But ap? parently it was only about four years after the Margaret got to Australia that things started to pick up, fi? nancially, in St. Ann's. And of course, they came to a large extent because of the crowding. They came as much for the next gen? erations, because the AlexanderMcAuley. 1818-1897. quality and the amount Passenger on the Sreada/bane. 'f available land for Married Arabella McKenzie. .. . the next generation was what they were concerned about. If they were to own land, instead of just being fishermen and crofters, they had to go to a place where, for their increasing num? bers, there would be land.... DON'T MAKE A MOVE WITHOUT US! • LOCAL 'LONG DISTANCE 'OVERSEAS LARGE OR SMALL - WE MOVE IT ALL ' MOFFATT '' Moving & Storage SAFELY, EFFICIENTLY & INSURED CALL THE PROFESSIONALS • OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE Financing Available O. A. C. 30- to 90-Day Interest Free VISA / Mastercard on Long Distance • 1-800-267-6885 FREE ESTIMATES 490 GATEWAY POINT EDWARD 562-0222 Weekends & After Houre 564-0963/562-1978 FAX 564-6865 (The traditional image of Norman McLeod, I think, has become very muddled over the years....) I would say. I prefer to go back to the Nova Scotia historical records there. For one thing, I would say one of Alias VAN LINES / AGENT >} A Pioneer Company ROBIN'S • NOW 233 YEARS OLD • ROBIN, JONES & WHITMAN, INC. The company was founded around 1766 by the Robin fami? ly from the islands of Jersey and Guernsey in the English Channel. These French-speaking immigrants to Arichat and Cheticamp supplied the local fishermen with their ba? sic necessities and took the fishermen's catch to markets around the world. Robin's have evolved to include furni? ture, hardware, bulding supplies, and groceries. Cheticamp, N.S. 224-2022 • Inverness, N.S. 258-2241
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