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Page 73 - Cape Breton's Magazine CENTRE for Documentary Field Studies: Yvonne McInnes Sturgess, in Waipu

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1 (183 reads)

leader, I'm not your chief. You don't need me as the head of this community. Take the land down there." And he, who could have been in luxury in a good pulpit, there were a lot of Scottish people in Auckland, and had that and had his wife (comforta? ble) instead of coming here. They rowed up this river. People have to visualize what it was like. Rowed up this river and got out into tents. Out of consideration for her, why wouldn't he have taken the Auck? land posting? Because he was the leader! I can remember when The Gael Fares Forth came out. Two-thirds of all these books that follow are based on the little bit of facts that we know. That's all they amoxmt to. If you take them all to bits and put down everything, you're struggling for a few paragraphs. That's why I like, as far as the Reverend Norman and Cape Breton is concerned, the stories from Nova Scotia, because he was there for thirty years. A good time to judge a person. And to look back at the wonderful letters that came here, when he died, from Cape Breton. The first ones that I read were for the passing of Mrs. Reverend Norman, and how wonderful that his fireside was always avail? able in Cape Bre? ton. I think in those days people were more robust and not nearly so laudatory as we became. It was quite common in those days to call a spade a spade. You wouldn't say any- La Cooperative de Cheticamp Complete Line of Groceries Meats - Poultry - Dairy Products Produce - Dell - Bakery Camping Supplies - Hardware MON-WED: 9 AM to 5 PM THUR-FRI: 9 AM - 9 PM • SAT 9 AM - 5 PM , OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK (902) 224-3800 Maurice & Simone Poirier ~ Local Books ~ Series Books ~ Self-Help Books ~ Religion ~ Cook Books ~ Good assortment HOOKED RUGS o"=rench Books Souvenirs - T-Shirts & Sweatshirts Dr. Elizabeth LeFort Gallery & Museum INFORMATION CENTRE D Featuring magnificent D Museum of Marguerite Dr. Elizabeth LeFort Gallant's fine tapestries collection of artifacts BUS TOURS WELCOME ADMISSION: CHARGED CHETICAMP, NS *mmtm2) 224'5642 i'AX 224'1579 t-MAit; pig?[email protected] "Children, children...." Regarding what are said to be Rev. Norman McLeod's last words • "Children, children, look to yourselves; the world is mad" • Yvonne Sturgess wrote, in a let? ter to a New Zealand newspaper: "In 1866 McLeod, now 86 years old, was dying. Hur dreds of people, friend and foe alike, surrounded hir in those last weeks. They waited on the grass clearing outside the house in South Road, Waipu, and took turns' to come towards their patriarch who had led them to thi beautiful land. 'We will never see his like again,' they said. "My grandfather, Samuel Mclnnes, a Gaelic scholar and Normanite, translat? ed his final words as, 'Vou must support this young community now, as this earthly journey is stormeil (rough, uneven, unbalanced).' "And then, his favourite message to his Normanites, the Gaelic: 'Turnhnich air daione bhou da thainaigh thu. Beannaichds Diah nan gras be mailler rinn': Never forget the brave men you came from and may merciful God bless us all." thing unkind, but you didn't have to do more than spout the facts. He was intensely practical, you see. He was a practical man, apart from being the law, apart even from that, he was practical in • OPEN EVERY DAY: 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. • Country • Bluegrass • Rock • Folk Fiddle and Newfoundland Music Largest Atlantic Region Music selection in Eastern Canada. Tap your toe to Cape Breton & Newfoundland Fiddle, Accordion & Folk Music, & "Down East" Presentations. Write or ask for our list of Newfoundland & Maritime Music. ~ Available by Mail Order ~ 2 miles south of CHETICAMP, on the Cabot Trail P.O.Box 516, Cheticamp, NS BOE 1 HO • Ph: (902)224-3782 Cooperative Artisanale XWTy Acadian Restaurant/ Acadian Museum V p. O. Box 98, Cheticamp, NS BOE IHO (902)224-2170 Experience Acadian Traditions • Featuring the world famous Cheticamp hand-hooked rugs • Local crafts and souvenirs for all tastes • Taste and enjoy various Acadian foods in our Licensed Dining Room: Chicken Fricot • Meat Pies • Chowder & Fish Dishes • Homemade Dessert • Recommended in Where to Eat in Canada; member Taste of Nova Scotia • Visit our Acadian Museum • Hooking, spinning & weaving demonstrations • Open every day to welcome you, May 1 st - October 31 st Our Home • Cheticamp! 73
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