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Page 84 - Allan MacLeod: Stories and Gaelic Songs

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1 (264 reads)

whatever. But everything was spotless. He'd have her all neat and tidy when they'd come. But he wouldn't stay there. Once you'd come back he wouldn't stay with you. He'd leave then, see. He'd go home and then he'd head for the road then. There was a lot of them around at one time, people like that. Not a lot. But he's the only one I remember. Then he had a shack out New Boston • that's where he had the shack then, oh, for years. Then he finally • (with a family) out New Boston--that's where he finally died, out there. Well, he got so old he couldn't travel any more. So. Had to stay in one place • (they) took him in then • they knew him all his life, anyway. They're the ones gave him the shack he lived in up until then. So they took him in the house, and that's where he died. But it was funny. He was out in the shack one winter. So, he fell. He used to drink. If he got into the drink, he'd get loaded. So this • he was out, then • he was heading out, the road was pretty slippeiry. And he fell, and I guess he went to sleep, proba- Why theY? The Cape Breton Family YMCA stands proud facility offering programs for all ages! Join us for... ?? • The largest cardio weight room in Nova Scotia • Treadmills, stairmasters, life cycles • Swimming • Aerobics • Yoga, judo, power punch • Pool or gym birthday party rentals • Individual training and consultation 87 I H 399 Chariot I Sydney, No II 539-7880 Cape Breton Family YMCA Charlotte Street Nova Scotia bly, on the road. His hands froze to the ice. And they foxmd him • he was all frozen then. That's the first, and the only, time I guess he was ever in a hospital. They had an awful time with him in the hospital. Took him in, and he was all bandaged up, and he'd try • and he left. They couldn't hold him, I guess, he was going to go anyway. So he left and he went to the shack. And he was out in the shack. This fellow used to tell me this. Well, I can remember a bit about the time it was • I knew he froze to the ice. But I guess he was pretty sick in the shack. I guess they figured he was going to die. And from away back I guess he was Catholic, I guess. So they called the priest out there to go to see him. Went out there, I guess, whatever he did, gave him the last rites or whatever. And this fellow used to say--I think he was the fellow that took the priest out there • he put oil on his feet or something, whatever he did, I don't know. But he said • "Bodach," they used to call him • the old fellow. They put this on him. Well, they figured that was it. But this fellow stayed with him, I guess, till the next day, and left a lot of heat on, and went 11 home. Well, he said he was home, he was going to go over there that evening. He started to go. Then who did he meet, going, but Sandy! Sup? posed to be dead--never supposed to walk again! Here he's hitchhiking to Sydney! (Laughter.) Hitchhiking to Sydney.... Oh, it was funny. Ho? ly mackerel, it was funny. But he lived for years and years. He got out, and he hitchhiked to Sydney. And he always had a lantern with him. And this fellow said he'd seen him hitchhiking to Sydney, and I guess it was dark then. And he had the lantern. He didn't know what to do with him. So somebody-- taverns were in Sydney then. This fellow went to Sydney the next day, like, during the day, after Sandy got a ride in. Went to the Steel City, or one of the taverns, and here was Sandy in the Steel--and the lantern was still lit! Still lit, sitting alongside him in the tavern, and him half shot! Oh, I remember Sandy well. Even the later years, as I grew up--well, not grown up, pretty well in my teens, late teens. I remember Sandy BATTERED WOMEN AND YOUR CHILDREN If you need help: 539-2945 TRANS TON HOUSE as a
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