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Page 94 - With George Prosser of Whitney Pier

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1 (200 reads)

the twelve-mile limit by the last of it, as long as you was outside the limit they couldn't touch you. They'd keep you out there too, as long as they could. But those fellas on those government boats, every couple of little (puffs) of wind • little bit of rain--they took off for shore. We fellas followed in behind them and get cleared of liquor. From Scatarie to Smokey Bank, the ships was like that. {George crosses his fin? gers.) In the nighttime you'd swear it was land out there, see, all the lights. You had to put lights up for the traffic. grandfather was a Clark, so they got married that way. My grandmother's mother was a Har? dy. Down in Newfoundland in them days, the story was them Limeys come over, they're Hardys, and they got mixed up with the Indi? ans and they married the Indians. And all the Hardys down there was related, some re? lation of mine. They all called theirselves English, but they were jackie-tars. A jack- ie-tar was a Limey • md an Indian, eh? A half-breed. They went with the Hardy name 'cause it was the man. Most of the women were all Indians on the Hardy side. But on the Lxindrigan side I can only go back as far as my grandmother and grandfather. (How did your parents come to be in Isle- aix-Morts?) It's a French name. Island of the Dead. My parents come there because my grandfather was a Limey, come from England. My grandmother was a Lxindrigan, and my COHMORS MUeSHOTS & More NOW LOCATED AT OUR MAIN STORE . . . WE CAN PUT YOUR PHOTO ON ALMOST OON MORS ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS '''' ?? '_i ir>'r-m'fciP OR TAKE A LIVE PICTURE PHOTO MUGS ?? PHOTO SWEATSHIRTS PHOTO CAPS * PHOTO FRIDGE MAGNETS] PHOTO BUnONS * COLOUR COPYING PHOTO KEYCHAINS • LAMINATING PHOTO T-SHIRTS AND MUCH MORE! 350 CHARLOTTE STREET, SYDNEY BASCS OFFICE PRODUCTS LTD. 562-7900 At that time, (Isle-aux-Morts) was about five hundred families. I lived on an is? land, and we had to row from there to get ashore on the mainland. That's where the schools and the churches and stores were. When I was born, there was only two houses on the island. My grandfather, my father, my oldest brother built a house • that was the third house. Our cousins the Lundri- gans, they built one. That made four hous? es. That's all was on the island.... (How did your father meet your mother?) My father was born on Woods Island. Well, at Corner Brook, a place called Woods Island. At that time it wasn't Corner Brook, it was Bay of Islands, but my father was born there, eh? His people died or something. You Can Pack Everythini Into Our Weekender. And we don't mean just a suitcase! Avis has a full range of late model vehicles from sports sedans to minivans to help you get away for a great weekend, at Special Weekend Rates. At Avis, our "We try harder" service helps turn your weekend getaway into a memorable mini-holiday! Chevrolet Lumina APV Call Today For Full Details and Reservations. Sydney-Glace Bay Hwy: (902) 564-8341 Sydney Airport: (902) 564-8265 ?? 1993 Aviscar Inc. AV/S We try harder." <$)Ae This definitive study of Scottish bagpiping illumi? nates how pipers and piping con? tributed to the social integration of the Highland Scots and docu? ments the decline of the music and culture after the suppression of the clans. John Gibson follows the bag? pipes to Cape Breton, offering a vital link to the vanishing world of the Highland Scots. $45.00 TRAL'ITIOnAL G A n L i (", n A G r i ! • i n o Pipe Down McGILL-QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY PRESS 94
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