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Page 99 - With George Prosser of Whitney Pier

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1999/6/1 (192 reads)

Harbour after getting rid of a load, and we went in there to get a barrel of water. I was only young in them days. Crazy, you know. Eighteen years old, nineteen years old. Goes ashore to a dance, the jackie- tars down there in Glen Bank Cove. Got into the deuice, while we was into the deuice the goddamn customs went aboard smd took the keg of rum. Seized the goddamn boat. So somebody come and broke the news to me. I was dancing with a woman, I don't know what happened to her. I took off down, and--Jeez, the dory was gone too. I had no way to get aboard the boat. So a Frenchman drove me aboard, and when we got aboard the goddamn customs (had taken) that keg of rum. So we came over here. I lived down Ingonish that winter. A friend of mine brought a twelve-dory schooner down from Lunenburg and loaded her with coal. The biggest one I think ever was built. He said, "What about taking her down Grand Bank?" I said, "Jesus, man, me?" I said, "I just come off a two-dojry boat and take a twelve-dory schooner? Jesus." "Yeah," he said, "you." He said, "I'll go as your mate." He wanted to go down the Grand Banks. Good enough. In January. I agreed with him anyway. In them days, it was all bootleg liquor. Took her down the Grand Banks, got her unload? ed, took the coal. I thought I could hang on to her and get her back to Sydney again, but the owners in Harbour Breton, they tied her up. So I got on the old Se? gona at that time, coastal boat, comes up the coast, and I kept hid away, so much as I could. There wasn't too many knew me down there. But when I got up a little closer it seemed like everybody knew you. Even if they didn't see you, they'd know the name. I was only fifteen miles away from home, but I wasn't going home. God? damn cops come down and pick me off. Two cops come down and took me. I got caught and there was nothing I could do. So I went to jail for three months. And it was bad. Them goddamn Limeys, that's what I say. They gave you a bucket to (do your business in) and drink water out of. Give me a hard time. I went home. That's how I meet the wife. I went home. I had nothing to do. The boat S & M Trucking Ltd. • General Trucking • Local & Long Distance • Loader & Trailer Rentals • Float, Flatbed, Drop Deck Service r- OFFICE 1 567-2260 FAX 564-1443 • > L FAX 564-1443 SYDPORT INDUSTRIAL PARK Operating in: NS, NB, NFLD, PEI,ONT,PQ, and the U.S. A. Donald Sives Manager GARAGE & DISPATCH -n 564-2011 IF BUSY CALL 564-0204 ' SYDNEY. NOVA SCOTIA Grant Young's portrait of George Prosser was over there tied up. My two brothers took her over after. And they sent home a few dollars, but the old man owned the boat. They always had to give him a share off of the boat. So I stayed with the old man. That's when the cqps come down, in February, and took me and put me in jail until April. I come out of jail in April, and a fella said to me, "Take me down to St. Pierre. I got a charter to get some liq? uor." I said, "Jesus, I just come out of jail." But I did it, you know. Went down to St. Pierre, got the load of liquor, come up, and the same son-of-a that had me locked up in jail emd was treating me bad • Nova Scotia Agriculture, When Quality is Everything, Anything is Possible. Nova Scotia producers and processors know the importance of quaUty. They know producing quaUty food products means taking care of our natural resources, ensuring the safety of our food, adopting new technologies, and living in harmony with their non-farming neighbours They know quality is the key to success today...and in the future. Today, this commitment to quality has grown a $1 billion a year industry at the retail level and 16,000 direct and indirect jobs for Nova Scotians. If quality is the key to this success today, just imagine what's in store for the future. Agriculture and Marketing 99
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